Ten Steps to Smarter and Safer Sexting

If you love words and sex as much as I do, eventually you’ll find yourself staying up all night sexting.


Since I am single, and sexting poses little personal risk in the form of unwanted pregnancies or STD/STIs, sexting seems like a safe way to have sexual interactions, even with strangers. But, like any other type of sexual experience, there really are risks involved, which is why I have compiled this comprehensive list of ten steps to smarter and safer sexting.

10. Sext While Sober

Sure, it’s uber tempting to profess your lust when you’ve been imbibing. And, it’s hardly ever a consideration that perhaps the person on the receiving end of the texts is less intoxicated than you. While not typically the end of the world, it is best to watch yourself if you are inebriated, as you may disclose TMI or be downright nonsensical. If you are the type of get extra randy while drinking, check out these articles on whiskey dick and staying safer while having drunk sex.

9. Censor Shared Pics


You should’ve covered your tracks!

One of the dangers of sexting is that you never know what the other person intends on doing with your pictures. Even Snapchats can be screenshot for further perusal or abuse. Learn to be aware of what is in the background of your photos, hide any identifying tattoos, piercings or scars when taking a pic. App stickers like StickerMe, Pixlr online editor and the edit mode in your phone gallery can help you to obscure your true identity, so that even if they publish your photo online, you’ll remain anonymous.

8. Store Sexts in a Separate App


Barbie knows what’s up.

Keepsafe, Locksafe and other apps are available for free from the iStore or Play store. These apps offer more than just a separate folder for your naughty pics, they are a safe of sorts. A unique lock code will be needed in order to access anything in these apps, which is great for preventing nosy friends or kids from seeing your close-up crotch pixels.

7. Lock Your Phone


Lock it up for safety, folks.

Having a numerical lock on your phone will ensure that no one can intentionally or unknowingly hack into your phone while you run to the restroom, go for a swim or take a nap.

6. Verify Who is Holding the Phone


Meme courtesy of memecrunch.com.

If their tone has suddenly changed or if you think the are not alone, try to discern whether or not this person is who you think they are. I have seen groups in bars passing around cell phones and have had girlfriends hand me their phones on multiple occasions to continue sexting, or to get rid of a guy for them. Ask them a specific question that only they should know, for confirmation. Also, make sure you are sending your sext to the right contact name, or you could end up like this California student who sexted her Dad by accident last week.

5. Research Unfamiliar Concepts

If your admirer starts talkin’ jive the likes of which you have never heard, don’t be afraid to look up anything they are talking about. If they have a medical condition or a sexual preference that you’ve never heard about, further your adult sexual education by doing a little research into their proclivities. Guessing will not do either of you a service and learning is always a good thing, whether he is “Eek!” or a freak. When in doubt, hit up Urban Dictionary or a fetish glossary.

4. Turn off Autocorrect


Cucumbers? We have an article about those!

It’s a bit of a cliche by now, but it still rings true. Supposedly helpful word fill programs are designed to make our communication faster, but they actually muddle it up and make it slower. Believe me, your sexting partner would rather have a slower, hand-typed message than a messed up fast one. If you really are into humping cucumbers, check out how to stay safer while using those too.

3. Say, “Hi,” Before Sending a Dick Pic

Like any other type of sex, sexting must, first and foremost, be consensual. Sending a dick pic without being asked to is the equivalent of being flashed by a trench coat assailant on a jogging trail. Except, it happens so frequently, that all shock value has really been lost, which is the driving force of this type of behavior, to elicit shock. Do us all a favor and don’t make an entire generation of Millennials jaded about erections. Thanks.

2. Rock Your Right to Block


This Lego sure knows how to pop ‘n block!

You don’t need to waste time on or be harassed by any unwanted sexters. If deleting their contact info didn’t provide you with the peace of mind or results you were after, remember that blocking a number is very easy. Simply log into your personal account page on your cell phone providers site and set their number to blocked.

1. Remain Shrouded in Mystery

Ghost Girl by Kevin Francis Grey.

Ghost Girl by Kevin Francis Grey.

It can be all too easy to reveal too much. Don’t allow hints to your location, last name, social media username or job slip out during conversation. And, of course, any financial information is totally off limits. Keep an air of mystery, both for sexiness and for safety sakes. Both your privates and your privacy will thank you for it.

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