Condom Review: Impulse Pale Rider

Having never tried an Impulse brand condom before, I was curious to see what these Pale Rider condoms were all about. Initially, my first impressions were that this latex condom is extremely thin, transparent and surprisingly, it has a premium feeling lubricant.


transparent reviewThe size of the Impulse Pale Rider condom is best suited for a penis of long and thin proportions. At 8.25” long and with a 3.74” circumference, this Impulse condom could also be a good choice for coverage when using a vibrator, as they tend to be longer and skinnier in shape.

There aren’t a lot of extra crazy features on this condom. It does have a reservoir tip, but otherwise it’s a straight fitting, traditional latex condom. I can see anyone who likes using simpler condoms like the Kimono Thin or Trustex Lubricated condoms really enjoying the fit and feel of the Pale Rider as well. The main difference is that you can buy 50 of these Pale beauts for $15.99, which is a lot less than the price of Kimonos.

impulsepaleriderpromoEven though this condom is not specifically marketed as a thin or extra sensitive condom, I would definitely put it into those categories after trying it. There was a significant amount of heat transfer and sensation for both partners, which was awesome.

I supplemented the already lubed condom with a few drops of Wet Ecstasy on both the inside and outside of the condom for additional glide. This only added to the awesomeness, and provided extra sensitivity for us all while reducing friction on the condom, thereby making it even safer.

wet-ecstasy-waterI am also very happy to report that the Impulse Pale Rider has no discernible taste or odor. This is a rare trait to find in a latex condom, and I really appreciated not having to deal with additional rubbery smells and flavors. In fact, I would have no problem using this condom for fellatio, especially if a yummy flavored lubricant was added, like Swiss Navy Very Wild Cherry.

Final Verdict:

For a longer, thinner penis, these are your best bet. The Impulse Pale Rider condoms feel fantastic with their slick lube and thin material, and they cost a lot less than other similar brands.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

4 Stars “Working through my 50 pack order – will order again. Reliable, nice fit for me. It’s a bit dry, wife needs a drop of lube to start. Great value!” RD – Michigan
3 Stars “It needs a bit more lube. It was your basic condom, nothing fancy, but it worked.” Tim – Kirksville, MO

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