July 2014 Questions: Part One

WHEW! We got a LOT of questions throughout the month of July! Nice work, readership! I sure hope you’re ready for some questions from the anonymous creepy condom face!

If your question wasn’t answered in this article, we ended up splitting our questions in half to keep this article from being too long. The other half will be published on Thursday of next week. That should include everyone who asked a question up to noon EST of today. All other questions will be answered in our August edition.

Question 1: I’ll aphrodis your acs!


See, I have a problem with magazines that come up with these aphrodisiac lists (lookin’ at you, Cosmo). Every week, it’s something new. Anything that will sell magazines, right? But I’ve heard everything from chocolate, to cornstarch, to boiled goat’s testicles in milk (seriously).

Sure, there are chemicals that get the blood flowing, and there are smells and sounds that can put you in a sexy mood. But this isn’t Harry Potter. There isn’t really a secret formula to turn the mood on that works on every single person.

In fact, if you will allow me to nerd out here for a second, I think the Harry Potter books have a great representation of aphrodisiacs in the form of the love potion Amortentia. This potion smells exactly like whatever gets the individual sniffer hot and bothered. Foods, environmental smells, or even the smell of a certain someone’s shampoo or cologne.

It really kind of shows you that we’re attracted to people based on our experiences. We’re vastly sensual beings, and we experience our senses in so many different ways. I can tell you that cayenne is a great aphrodisiac, but if you don’t like spicy foods, me bringing it into the bedroom is probably going to be a real mood killer. And besides, it probably doesn’t belong in a bedroom around all those sensitive orifices anyway. Especially if you had a reaction to Trojan’s Fire and Ice condoms!

If you want to know what turns someone on, get to know them. Find out who they are, find out what makes them tick, and most importantly, find out what makes them go, “Mmmm!” It doesn’t have to be food. It can be a smell. It can be a noise, it can even be an experience, like watching a certain film or vacationing somewhere.

What would you smell when you sniffed Amortentia? For me, it would be Sunny D, cayenne, train whistles, old book smell, and mead. Mmm mead.

Question 2: Mum’s the word.


Your friend NEEDS that medication as soon as possible. This is not an issue that is going to resolve itself naturally. In fact, it’s just going to do more harm to her body the longer she waits. She can have all sorts of issues if chlamydia is left untreated. You can pass along the full list of them to her from WebMD, but here are some highlights:

It’s really unfortunate that she cannot talk openly with her parents about this. But we understand completely. We don’t know the situation that she has with her parents, we don’t know how old she is, or what she’ll be in for if her parents do find out she’s sexually active. She could even be abused. So, here is the part where we tell you not to lie to your parents: kids, don’t lie to your parents.

Now here is the part where we tell you that the most commonly prescribed antibiotics used to treat chlamydia, like amoxicillin, Zithromax, Floxin, and Levaquin are also used to treat things like yeast infections, UTIs, and other non-sexually transmitted infections, like sinus or skin infections. Your friend’s parent won’t be notified why she’s being treated, just that she is. So.

Just gonna leave that right there and slowly back away.

Question 3: Keep your eyes on the size!


As always, we recommend that you begin your search by checking out our Condom Size Chart. There are a ton of reasons why you might not be able to find a comfortable condom. It could be that you’re using your exact size and you need a little wiggle room. It could be that the material just doesn’t stretch in the way that you want. It could also be that you just don’t like that particular condom. It could be that the length is perfect but the girth is too restrictive. It could also be that the girth is great, but it’s too long and it’s rolling up and cutting off the circulation. Without all of this information, we don’t know exactly how to help you.

With condoms, it’s all about trial and error. My partner and I have been using condoms as our main form of birth control since we started dating nearly five years ago. And it was only a few months ago when we discovered the perfect condom for us.

We suggest that you look at that page (with your measurements in hand of course) and pick maybe three condoms that are around your size. Maybe one that’s exactly your size, then two that are a little bit bigger. Buy a three pack of each from us, or find them at your local pharmacy and go to town.

We also bid you to pay close attention to how the girth feels on each one. For most men having size issues, it isn’t the length that’s driving them crazy– it’s the tightness. Check out this article on Length Vs. Girth for more info and good luck!

Question 4: Waiting with (mastur)bated breath.


Your partner is not alone in this! This is an issue for men the world over and it’s one of those reasons why condoms aren’t as widespread as they should be.

Luckily, there are multiple remedies for this. The first one we suggest is Posh Wanking. If you follow our blog, you’ll remember that Kara just wrote about this last week. Encourage your partner to use a condom when he’s masturbating. I know that sounds silly, but it’ll help him get used to the feeling of condoms as well as help him associate condoms with the idea of orgasming.

The other option is to use super thin condoms. All condoms currently sold on Condom Depot are FDA approved and triple-tested, so they’re all held to the same safety standards whether they’re super thin or extra strength. So don’t be afraid that using a thin condom will mean it’ll break easier. Just make sure you have the right size and are using a lot of lubricant.

I’d also personally recommend, if you are using condoms to prevent pregnancy and you both get regularly tested for STDs, that you use lambskin condoms. You can read my review on Trojan’s NaturaLambs from earlier this week. They’re the most realistic feeling condom out there. They’re my favorite condom on the market.

This article on staying hard while wearing a condom could also be a big help.

It may be that the medical feeling of the condom material keeps your boyfriend from staying emerged in the moment, so you may want to try using our sexy ways to put on a condom to keep him a little more hot and a little less bothered. Good luck!

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