Condom Review: Impulse Plum Crazy

When the risk of unprotected sex gives you a frown underneath your crown, you’ve got to unroll this vibrant, royal colored Impulse Plum Crazy condom on his scepter for smiles. Step #1: Usurp a spot on your rightful throne of safety by placing a Plum Crazy condom the color of royalty on his highness’ bone. Step #2: Feast. Step #3: Ride ’til dawn…hard. plum-crazy This gorgeously-colored transparent latex condom is described as, “exotically purple” on the package, and frankly, I couldn’t agree more. These condoms are as shiny a deeply hues as grape Kool-Aid, but don’t let that fool you. While these purple products are appealing to the eye, when you’re eyes are shut they are just like a traditional latex condom…meaning, they have no extraordinary or enhanced: flavor, ribs, studs or scents.

But, you can always add in some flavored lube and change this sucker into something worth sucking on. Wild Blueberry or Pomegranate Wet Fun Flavors water-based lubricants would work perfectly with the Plum Crazy (hmmm, or is it Yum Crazy?) condom or some super scrumptious and slippery oral action. Not that its own natural lubrication is lacking, by any means. This condom comes complete with a generous amount of lubrication, enough for a quickie, but not bountiful enough to keep the friction down during any extended play. cblue These amethyst-colored condoms are pretty amply sized, at 8” long and just shy of a 2” circumference, which would be enough to keep you safe and your partner saying ge-OOOO-de! But, bear in mind that they didn’t seem very stretchy at all and they also have no extra headroom due to their straight shape. They also weren’t made from extremely thin latex either. These would be perfect for a man who has trouble climaxing too early due to heightened sensitivity.

Some people may shy away from colored condoms for fear that they are a novelty and do not offer the same amount of protection as a naturally colored latex condom does, but this is simply not the case. The Impulse Plum Crazy is made by Line One Labs, the same manufacturer of Trustex, Fantasy, Impulse and Kameleon brand condoms. And, I could tell right away that these purple prophylactics were well-made, durable and of high quality.


Final Verdict:

If your partner loves the visual appeal of red grapes, eggplants and orchids they’re sure to appreciate how nicely you look wrapped up in your ultra-photogenic Impulse Plum Crazy condom. Matching fur cape and mutton leg not required.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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