Lube Review: Swiss Navy Water-Based

Not being a strong advocate for water-based lubes in general, I was surprised to discover I thoroughly enjoyed using Swiss Navy Water-Based lubricant.


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Ordinarily, I find water-based lubricant to be sticky, tacky and short-lived. Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to call Swiss Navy Water-Based lube long lasting, when compared to silicone or oil-based lubes, but it certainly lasts a whole lot longer than a lot of other water-based products– almost like it’s a hybrid. And, when it stops being its lube-y self, it doesn’t leave behind an unpleasant rubber cement feeling like other water-based lubes tend to do.

Another thing I love about Swiss Navy Water-Based lube is that is is completely compatible for use with any type of condom or sex toy. Love using lube with LifeStyles THYNs? No problem. Wanna juice up your Clit Flicker erection ring? Go right ahead. This lube is perfect for use with all materials. I used mine with my Jelly G-Spot Climaxer and this lube was very easy to clean off afterwards with just a few sprays of Wet Keep It Clean toy cleaner and some hot water.

I ended up getting the two ounce (59 ml) bottle, as a trial, and as it turns out, it is quite a lot of lube for a mere $5.99. I love the see-through bottle, so you know how much you have left, and the one-handed pump design makes it easier to get it where it needs to go with a lot of fiddling with a screw on or pop top cap. It also keeps the outside of the bottle from getting all lubed up, which is a really nice feature.


This lube is non-staining, and has virtually no odor or taste to speak of. For me, this is great, as it doesn’t distract from the body’s natural scents and flavors, like the Swiss Navy Flavored lubricants do. It’s perfectly clear and has a thickness to it that is very pleasant, as it is neither runny nor goopy, but is instead a happy medium between the two.

Be aware that this lube does contain both glycerines and parabens, which can cause some imbalances in women’s pH and flora. Personally, I had no problem with any side-effects from this lube. But, others may be more sensitive to these ingredients and find that it can cause a yeast infection or irritation over time.

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As a side note, I absolutely love supporting local business, and this lube is made right here in Florida, near the Condom Depot headquarters. Like all Swiss Navy products, it’s manufactured by MD Science Labs LLC in the sunny city of Ft. Lauderdale. So, maybe I’m biased, but buying sexual health products that are made in America is a major plus in my book.

Final Verdict:

Swiss Navy Water-Based lubricant is a premium yet economical choice for those who want the easy to remove and non-staining benefits of a water-based lube, with the staying power of a hybrid lube.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars “My boyfriend and I love this lube. It has such a clean, light weight feeling that’s non sticky and a little bit goes a long way so a bottle can last quite a while!” Bettie Kiedis – austin, TX

5 Stars “I have used KY, Astroglide, and other brands before. I wanted to try Swiss Navy, and am glad that I did. This is definitely a premium lubricant. I like the slippery feel and how a little bit was very effective.” Maxine H – Milwaukee, WI

4 Stars “My girl and I have been using this lubricant and am very satisfied with how awesome it has been working for us. Did not have to keep reapplying. Kept her pretty wet and me very happy.” Eric B – NJ

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