How-To: Improve Athleticism in Bed

Sex can be an extreme sport. So, why aren’t you preparing and training for it like it’s the physical test of strength, stamina and endurance that it is?

Not only will focusing on fitness make you feel better about your health and improve your body image, the increased oxygen and blood flow will greatly enhance your sexual experiences– resulting in naturally stronger, longer lasting erections and increased clitoral sensation and vaginal lubrication. runner

Without any further ado, here are some helpful tips on how to improve athleticism in bed.

Stay Hydrated

People tend to underestimate how much bodily fluids they lose during sex through sweating, panting and orgasms. As discussed in ‘What’s Up with Sex Flush‘, and ‘Alcohol and Erections‘, drinking water is essential to functioning properly during sexual escapades.water

In order for vaginal lubrication (which prevents condom breakage) to be plentiful, as well as to prevent cramping or lightheadedness due to dehydration, it’s always best to drink water before, during and after boisterous sexual encounters. Drinking fluids can also help prevents UTIs from sex, as it encourages urination after sex, which flushes out toxins or bacteria which may have entered into the urethra during sex.

I do advise to keep a bottle of water near the bed for a quick sip now and again during the activities, and to have one in close proximity during aftercare. On the other hand, glasses of water are prone to spillage and or glass breakage if the events are extra raucous.

Use Your Surroundings

Creative use of your surroundings can make you seem more athletic than you really are. And, you’ll probably get points from your partner for inventive thinking as well. Don’t be afraid to use walls, door frames or headboards as means of bracing when your legs feel shaky and as though they could give out at any moment.superesexsling-pk

A makeshift mound of pillows work very well as a brace for the receiving partner during doggy style, when the arms get weak, for instance. Changing positions, like putting a leg up on a dresser, can keep different muscles groups engaged, instead of tiring out one group right away.

Using a support system, like the awesome Super Sex Sling, can make a huge difference in how long you can go without tiring as well. If this is not available at the time, try using a belt, long ribbon, soft rope, or disrobed tights or leggings as a makeshift sling. Employing the assistance of a sling can help both partners be more athletic in bed because it promotes endurance and flexibility.

Practice Pushing Up

push up

Pecs, triceps and biceps training are very important steps toward having a more athletic sex life. If traditional push ups are too difficult, try the modified push up with your knees on the ground, instead of your feet. Or, do vertical or inverted push ups against a wall to build up your strength.

Tone Your Heart


The heart is a muscular organ which needs to be trained like any other muscle. Getting into a regular cardio routine can help prepare your heart for the increased effort it expends during sex. Taking regular walks, swims or any other aerobic activity, like dancing, will ensure that your heart is up for the task of prolonged thrusting and riding.

Limber Lovers

Limbering up both before and after will prevent strain and tears on your tendons, joints and muscles. Yoga is particularly well noted as a gentle means of stretching and it also promotes balance. Plus, it can help you get into those Kama Sutra or porn positions you’ve been longing to try. yoga

If you’ve got a booty call lined up, be sure to spend a good ten minutes stretching as part of your pre-game plan. And, when the deed is done, be sure to lightly stretch in order to reduce the next day soreness you usually get from those post-coital aches from muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Strong to the Core

belly fat

Ab strength can make or break a great sex session. If traditional sit ups and crunches are not your thing, try using the plank as a non-impact means of increasing core strength. Not only will your strong abs make your belly flatter, they will also protect your delicate spine from injury during sex. And, anyone who has thrown their back out during sex knows how important that is.

A Whole Lot of Squat

Everybody likes butts, am I right? Nothing makes your butt look better or gain strength faster than doing squats. Contrary to popular belief, using a weighted bar is not always in order to build up your gluts. They can be done at home, with arms outstretched, zombie-style.squat

Or, you can sit against the wall, with your knees bent and thighs parallel to the floor, and hold yourself up for as long as you can. This is an especially important exercise for those who enjoy being on top, as this can require a great deal of glut strength.

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