Product Review: Coochy Shave Creme

I must admit, at first I was a little bit skeptical about what Coochy Shave Creme could do to improve my smoothness.


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When it comes to shaving and waxing pubic hair, I have very sensitive skin, which leads me to closely trim with clippers more so than to outright shave or wax. Some of the problems I typically encounter are ingrown hairs, pimples, rough stubble and rashes. Not the sexiest of textures.

Preparing myself for the onslaught of skin problems, I cringed and decided to go ahead and give this shave kreme a whirl. Upon opening the bottle, I noticed he pear-berry scent wasn’t exactly wonderful, but it wasn’t unpleasant either. It’s definitely what I would consider to be a feminine scent. But, frankly, this stuff could’ve smelled like dumpster juice and I’d still be impressed with the end result.

razorI made a rookie mistake of using way too much Creme on my first attempt. Believe me when I say that a little goes a long way with this product. It’s really rich, lush and creamy. Since it comes in a 16 oz bottle, this decadent stuff will last a long time.

I felt like it softened my hair immediately which made it easier for the razor to cut through. The jojoba seed oil, allantoin, panthenol and keratin worked their magic and after a few short swipes of the razor, I seriously had to do a double take. Never have I felt so incredibly smooth, moisturized and non-irritated after shaving– without any unpleasant side effects. Next stop, sexy town!

It worked so well on my vulva, I went all the way with it and used it on my legs and underarms as well. Usually after I shave, even if it’s smooth, you can still see the dark hair lying underneath the skin, especially in my pits. But, not when I used this miracle kreme! It looked like I got expensive and time-consuming laser hair removal.


The bottle says it can also be used as a hair conditioner, which I was leery about at first, since I have colored hair. But, after researching the ingredients and finding this product to be paraben and sulfate-free, I gave it a whirl. It was akin to other high quality deep conditioners I’ve used, and it left my hair soft and silky.

This special kreme is also formulated without sugar, so those ladies who are prone to yeast infections can rest assured that this product is completely sugar-free. It’s also made in the America, has not been tested on animals and offers equally fantastic results for all genders, despite the gender-specific Coochy name being on the bottle.

Final Verdict:

Out of all the shaving creams I’ve tried thus far, Coochy Shave Creme is by far the best. It left me moisturized and smooth as silk and it had no unappealing side effects, whatsoever.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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