Condom Review: Durex Rainbow Colors

**UPDATE: These condoms have been discontinued**

Durex knows how to put you and your partner over the rainbow with these assorted colored condoms.


Durex RainbowColors are probably the most vibrantly colored condoms on the market. The red one I received to sample is a vibrant, firehouse red that stayed red even when stretched out and didn’t fade into pink like other colored condoms I’ve experienced.

I checked out the alternative colors, too. These babies come in blue, orange, yellow, pink, and green as well as red, and each color is vibrant and exciting, even when stretched out. So if you like your penises are colorful as possible, these are the condoms you’re going to want.

durexrainbowgroupoo copy

The length of these condoms stretches in at 8.25 inches (209.55 mm) and with a width of 2.12 inches (53.8 mm). This puts them at a little bigger than your average condoms. Size is often an issue with condoms that have some other factor, such as studs or ribs or special lubes. But these condoms are going to fit you longer and girthier folks out there no sweat. That’s right– anyone can be colorful.

If you can tolerate the strong scent of the latex (and man, is it strong!) on these condoms, they’ll be great for fellatio. Also, if you’re looking for a great condom to cut in half and turn into a dental dam, these are going to work excellently for you. Despite the smell, the lube on these wonders by Durex has absolutely no taste. Pair it with one of WET’s Fun Flavors, especially if you can find a flavor that matches the color of your choosing.


And the best news? For a short period of time, some of our Durex Rainbow Colors are on clearance due to approaching expiration dates. So if you’re looking to use their vibrant colors for an art project, or you can just work through a lot very quickly, you can still get these amazing condoms for super cheap.

Final Verdict



While the latex stink is strong with these condoms, the color and quality is just as strong. For colored condoms, Durex Rainbow Colors can’t be beat.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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