Pumpkin Spice Condoms?!

We got back from the weekend to find our inboxes exploding with inquires for a certain condom that made an appearance on Twitter this weekend.

Unfortunately, the Pumpkin Spice condom is not (yet) a thing.

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But who knows what the future holds? The smell of pumpkin spice usually heralds in a season of giving thanks here in the United States, and delicious condoms are just another thing to give thanks for, in our opinion. Perhaps Durex will feel inspired by the popularity of this Twitter post and come up with something delicious before the holidays are over.

Personally, I prefer to pair non-lubricated condoms with some flavored lube, like WET Flavors, when I’m getting my oral on. This also works with dental dams.

If you’re too broken hearted, consider making your own pumpkin-flavored lube.

We found this delicious-looking recipe for pumpkin spice whipped cream that’s oil-free. You coconut oil lovers out there (who don’t have any latex involved in your safe sex regiment) can use this recipe and replace the coconut milk with oil– and maybe even take out the cinnamon to avoid the burn. Just keep this lube away from the vagina or you could be in for a nasty yeast infection.

For those not interested in dabbling with oils, try adding pumpkin flavoring to one of our awesome DIY lube recipes. Just make sure that whatever you’re using to add flavor is oil-free, or that you’re not using latex or polyisoprene condoms or dental dams. Nothing ruins the holiday spirit like a broken condom! This site has an amazing recipe for some pumpkin-flavored syrup!


These both should be ideal for oral sex with someone who has a penis, but you can even use it on someone who has a vulva as well with the careful application of a dental dam. Now, the wonderful Lixx Dental Dams which we sell here are all flavored unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own.

Take a non-flavored (and preferably non-lubricated) condom and cut the tip off. Then, cut it the long way (scissors in the hole) so that you have a single, perfect square of latex. Badda bing! Your very own home-made dental dam is all ready for some pumpkin spice lovin’!

What’s your dream flavored condom or lube? Let us know on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook and we’ll post our favorites!

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