New Relationships: What to Do While Waiting for STD Results

When you’re starting a new sexual relationship, and waiting for STD test results to come back, it can be hard to keep your cool.


During this waiting period, impatience can lead to much temptation. Therefore, sexual frustration can run wild while you’re both anxiously awaiting sexy times. Here are eleven things you can do to pass the time while you’re both waiting:

1. Mutual Masturbation


One of the most fun ways to have safer sexual experiences is to watch one another masturbate. Not only is this very visually stimulating, it can be very educational as well. It will show you how your partner likes to be touched and what excites them.

2. Get Some Exercise


Not only does exercise reduce stress and alleviate anxiety, it’s a great way to burn off some of that extra sexual energy as well. Additionally, exercise will increase your level of stamina, balance, strength and flexibility which will increase your athleticism in bed when the time comes.

3. Snuggle Up Tight


Spooning and cuddling are great ways to bond with your partner without putting anyone at risk for unwanted pregnancy or STDs. The comforting feeling can be very reassuring and it makes the relationship stronger by establishing a strong physical connection with each other.

4. Get to Know One Another


This is the perfect time to communicate and to delve deeper into one another’s past, their preferences and their desires. Find out what kind of condoms and lube they like and stock up. Discuss one another’s fetishes. Find out what their upbringing was like. Ask which movies they like the most. Find out which foods they enjoy and cook them their favorite meal.

5. Make Time for Reflection


Take some time out for yourself and write in your journal, walk the beach, take a leisurely bath, pamper yourself or whatever else you do to relax and get in touch with your inner you. This can help center you and de-stress you while you’re waiting.

6. Regular Masturbation


Fantasize, turn on an adult film  and get sexy with yourself. Grab your favorite vibrator or your pocket pussy and go to town. Self-induced orgasms will clear your head and improve your mood and it’ll make to easier to avoid the urges when you’re with your partner.

7. Go Out With Friends


Nothing clears the mind and creates more laughter than a fun get together with your closest friends. Personally, I like to confide in my best friends that I am waiting for results, as they know this is a stressful time for me, and they are more willing to stay up late interacting and having a good time.

8. Keep an Open Mind

open mind

As discussed in ‘Disclosing STDs: Before and After,’ it’s so essential to talk about any past or present STDs with your new partner. But, until the test results come in, which can take up to four weeks, it’s best to keep an open mind and not jump to any conclusions before you know the facts.

9. Educate Yourself Further


While it’s not healthy to drive yourself crazy with the possibilities, knowing what STDs are out there is really important for your health. This is why we recently updated our STD Risk Assessment Page. Take note of the symptoms, and see if any sound familiar to anything you’ve experienced. If so, this may help prepare you for any news when the results come in.

10. Make Out Like the Ship is Sinking

ship sinking

Sure, penetrative sex is freaking amazing. But, you know what else is? Making out. Whether you’re an experienced and passionate kisser or you need a little guidance, making out is a huge turn on and can be a super way to spend time together while still staying safer. And, if it leads to dry humping, then so be it.

11. A Barrage of Massage


Pick up some Wet Intimmo massage oil and give each other a foot massage, neck and shoulder massage or a leg massage. Massages feel fantastic, relieve stress and get the endorphins flowing, just like orgasms do. Plus, it’s one more chance to get to know one another’s body.

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