Condom Review: LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure

Clearly, the LifeStyles brand knows what they are doing. I’ve already reviewed their Ultra Sensitive and Fun Bumps condoms positively, as well as their Pleasure Collection. Now, it’s time to divulge about my great experience with LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure condoms!



This textured latex condom is long and skinny at 8” (203.2mm) long with a 3.88” (98.5mm) circumference, which happens to be the exact same size as our best-selling condom, the Crown Skinless Skin. If you’re a fan of Crown condoms, but you or your partner want to use a textured condom on occasion, this is your best bet. Not only is the size of the Ribbed Pleasure comparable to Crown condoms, the extreme softness and thinness of the latex also feels quite similar to Crowns.

But, this is where the similar characteristics end. LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure condoms aren’t pink like Crowns. They are made from a naturally-colored latex. These ribbed condoms are also much more lubricated than Crowns, although we still used additional Swiss Navy Water-Based lube for added protection against breakage from friction.


And, of course, the main difference is the texture. Crowns are ultra smooth and silky and in a sharp contrast, these LifeStyles condoms are seriously ribbed, from their base to their head (except for the reservoir tip). Everyone has a different amount of sensation and feeling down there, but for me, I could feel every rib. In fact, when going at it fast, the ribs almost made our sex with this condom a little too rib rattlingly rough. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go with these puppies.

I didn’t notice any overpowering or distracting odor from these condoms, which is great for those who aren’t a fan of the strong latex smell of other textured condoms like Trojan Intense Ribbed condoms (which is also more expensive than the LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure).

I did taste this condom (for science) and it had a fairly inoffensive, slightly latex-y flavor with a powdery coating. Not fantastic, but not horrible either. Although, if you want a textured condom that also tastes like a gourmet after dinner mint, I wholeheartedly suggest their Fun Bumps condom instead.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure condoms are an economical and enjoyable to use textured latex condom, and they are the exact same size as Crown Skinless Skins.

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars: “Best so far! Wife likes them when we use condoms for a little variety.” James – New York

5 Stars: “I’ve tried a lot of condoms and these are the best. I little tight rolling on. But once on they fit and work well. I enjoy the feel of these. And have found a favorite.” Rich – Minneapolis

5 Stars: “Wonderful condoms, they fit snug and have a wonderful feel for both partners.” Airegin – San Francisco, CA

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