Must-Have Hauntingly-Hot Halloween Wares

Heads up, all you Halloween-and-sex-loving folks! It’s back! Ahh, the only time of year when dressing like Catwoman is universally encouraged and getting head can make you rise from the grave.

HALLOWEENFEATUREDHalloween is right around the bend, and you want to safely bend over with your favorite costumed concubine, because–shout it from the rooftops, people!–this year, 2014, Halloween falls on a Friday night! That’s right, everybody.

All of your chances of getting laid by a decked-out babe basically just skyrocketed into outer space. Yeah, 18-year-old student in Indiana– I’m talking to you. If you can successfully remove 50 candy wrappers this weekend, you can take one off a condom and protect your future.

Terrifyingly Pleasing and Eerily Erotic Halloween Sex-essories

Sex-essories can complete the fantasy and further convey the illusion that you are someone or something else for this one evening. Transforming your physical identity can open your mind to exploring new avenues of sensuality and seduction. Feeling devilish, devious and a bit dirty-minded? Perhaps some surprisingly spicy hot and warming Cinnamon Anal Lube would suit the inner-sadist or masochist in you which you only allow out while in costume.


Get wild and go topless and paint on your own or your partner’s second skin costume on with blue, red or purple Liquid Latex. Or get a domineering whip to go with your powerful costume. Hand Cuffs also make a sexy yet scary Halloween accessory, as do their softer feline counterpart, leopard print Furry Cuffs.

There are many alternate lightscapes which are popular during Halloween, including black lights, strobe lights and glow-in-the-dark paint effects. We have two wonderful glowing toys which are sure to illuminate your partner’s face with a smile that would rival even the most toothy Jack(ie) O Lantern grin!


Not only is the Impulse Jack Rabbit Vibe a vibrant and festive orange color, the display panel also lights up for easy use in the dark, either for penetration or for checking to make sure there are no monsters under the bed. Similarly, the entire shaft of the Night Light Vibe glows-in-the-dark for goosebump-creating fun and the added adrenaline rush of playing, Where Can We Hide This Plutonium Rod, or Let’s Probe The Earthling. Speaking of which…

Creepy-Cool Halloween Condoms to Make Couples Scream (and Cream)

Night Light Condoms turn an ordinary, non-phosphorescent erection into a glowing Lightsaber-esque adventure. “Luke, had I worn a Night Light Condom, I would not be your father.” The perfect penis prop for after-parties and Star Wars-themed Halloween sex, and it’s the only FDA-approved glowing condom on the American market this year (so don’t risk it with those other novelty brands).


And, it simply wouldn’t be Halloween without my favorite two-toned holiday condom– the Trustex Dual Color Orange & Black. These will really get you into the spirit of the season (and no, I don’t mean they turn you into a cum-colored ghost). Read my review of them here! Solid black LifeStyles Black Label condoms are another ultra-goth way to adorn the D with some Hallow’s Eve goodness.



Another option for all black condoms, are our Custom Halloween Condoms. Affixed to Impulse Midnight Orchid wrappers are an assortment of our exclusive Custom Halloween Logos in these five perfect-for-party-favors, ‘tongue-in-eek!’ condom label designs:

“Happy Halloweenie!”- “If the broom fits, ride it.”- “This is my costume.”- “Suck me dry.”- Stabbing dagger (image)

Weary of Chocolate Kisses in Your Mouth? Ready to Go down South?

Yes, Halloween should be filled with costumed coitus– but this holiday wouldn’t be the same without candy– even for adults. Show your partner how many tricks are up your sleeve with these tasty treats that are sure to satisfy this season’s sweet tooth: Chocolate Bliss Swiss Navy lube, Trustex Chocolate Flavored lube and Trustex Chocolate Flavored condoms.

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