Condom Review: Trojan Ultra Ribbed

The Trojan Ultra Ribbed condom has a hearty dose of all-you-can-eat ribs, with 20 ribs along the shaft which end right before the reservoir tip.


This naturally colored, thin latex condom is 8.12” (206.24mm) in length with a 4” (101.6mm) base circumference. Size-wise it compares to other ribbed condoms as such– it’s wider than LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure condoms and snugger than Trojan Intense Ribbed condoms.

Since everyone’s orifices have different levels of sensitivity, not all people are crazy about ribbed condoms. Personally, I much prefer textured condoms that are either studded, like the Beyond Seven Studded, or those which are both ribbed and studded, like the brand new LifeStyles 3Sum.

Nobody likes a broken rib.

The 20 raised ribs on this pre-lubricated condom seemed to act as lubricant mini-squeegees, pulling the plentiful natural lubrication out of my vaginal canal with each exit-motion. This was an unusual occurrence, and was not acceptable for my pleasure or for the safety of the condom (which requires lubrication to prevent breakage from friction).

Granted, after a few breakage incidents in the past and my frightening findings about their Fire & Ice condoms, I may be a bit more paranoid than the average Jane about the safety and durability Trojan brand condoms. So, after discovering this drying effect of the ribs on the out-stroke, I used enough i-Lube to sink a ship– and all ended well, condom intact. But, having to stop and add lube over and over, only to have it end up sucked out of my body and onto my sheets wasn’t fantastic. Good thing I know how to remove them lube stains!

As with all Trojan’s I’ve used (except for their non-latex condoms), the Ultra Ribs aren’t easy on the nose, as they smell exactly like a pungent rubber glove– which I happen to associate with white coat fever. Regarding taste, it was fairly neutral and slightly powdery– which again, is a calling card of typical Trojans. Want to know more about this mystery condom powder? Find out here!

trojanultraribbedpromoFinal Verdict:

The Trojan Ultra Ribbed condom is a good choice for guys with an average girth who have a partner that loves getting really lubed up and reamed with ribbed latex.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars: “Best so far, only problem is the strong latex smell, but it’s tolerable.” Chris – Duarte, CA

3 Stars: “This condom is all about tastes. For me, it’s not very sensitive and the ribs don’t really add anything. I’ve been with two different women while wearing this, and they had very different reactions. One said the sex was great and we used these every time we made love, while the other girl said it was uncomfortable and couldn’t finish.” Bert – Helena, Montana

4 Stars: “Ribs not quite big enough, she didn’t notice much difference compared to other condoms, a little thicker than some, I like ’em, very reliable. She squeals when I use them!” Spart – Normal, Illinois

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