Lube Review: Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream

My partner was pretty excited when I brought him home some of Swiss Navy’s Premium Masturbation Cream. He’d never tried any sort of masturbation cream, usually just preferring lotion or lubricants.

SNMasturbationcreamNow, Swiss Navy makes another product called Premium Massage Cream (which we do not carry). The labels on these are nearly identical, so I grabbed a bottle of the massage cream to compare them and found them very similar. They even have all the same ingredients, though I don’t know if they’re in the same amounts.

However, their similarity made my partner and I realize something very awesome about the masturbation cream: not only can it be used to give some pretty stellar handjobs, but it also makes for some awesome massage oil!


The label says that pressure on the cream makes it forever lasting. And damn, isn’t that the truth? I gave my partner a foot rub with this cream after a hard day at work and had to remind him to wipe his feet off before he walked across the linoleum in our kitchen.

That’s right. A tiny dollop of this cream from our 150 ml squeeze-tube, a twenty minute foot massage, and the cream was still thick and oily. It has no real scent to it either, so don’t worry about leaving the house with a tell-tale scent.

It’s worth noting that this cream is not latex and polyisoprene condom safe. It has both mineral and coconut oil in it, which will wear down condoms that aren’t made of lambskin, nitrile, or polyurethane. The presence of these oils may also not be vagina-friendly since oils can potentially trap bacteria and cause infection. We also don’t recommend it for anal sex because of this.


The presences of glycerin and parabens in this cream also make it something to avoid if you have a vagina. Some folks can develop a yeast infection from glycerin.  If you’ve had a reaction to parabens before, or if you’re wary of them in general, it’s one you’re going to want to avoid. Instead, check out WET Naturals Silky Supreme, a silicone lubricant that makes for a great masturbation lube and is both glycerin and paraben-free.



With my sensitive skin, I am a litmus test for lubes and lotions. So, my partner decided to give me a back rub. And once again, it was slick and slippery with only a small amount, and it left me feeling more lotion-y than oily. And best of all? My super sensitive skin had no reaction. Hooray!


Final Verdict:

Aside from the problematic ingredients, Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream was really, well, the cream of the crop. It was long lasting, it didn’t bother my sensitive skin, and it made us both feel silky soft when we were finished rubbing one another all over with it. Keep it away from sensitive mucous membranes and latex condoms, and you’ll find it’s one of your favorite new experiences as well.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

What Condon Depot Customers are Saying:

4 Stars “The product works, can’t complain…” Chris – Los Angeles, CA

5 Stars “Great product! Very thick and creamy going on, spreads easily and disappears once heat and friction is applied. Very good “slick” feel in the hand. Leaves skin feeling silky-smooth afterwards, no goey, gloppy mess. Cleans up easily. My GF and I love using it when we just can’t go all the way. Swiss Navy is already our favorite lube and this is another great product from them!” Brian C – Baltimore, MD

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