Condom Review: Trustex Dual Color Orange & Black

Want to say, “Happy Halloween,” with your peen? Impress your boo by dressing up your D in the spirit of the season with the Trustex Dual Color Orange & Black condom!


Caught with your lover in the foggy delight of the moonlight,

with your costume down and no condom in sight?

Then run, run, run with all your might!

‘Cause even on Halloween, nothing, and I mean nothing,

is scarier than unwanted pregnancy or STDs

from an unwrapped wang– what a fright!

With the help of Trustex Dual Color condoms, you can make your ghoul drool, all while staying festive and safe! Felling witchy? Cast a seductive spell for safer sex and ride his broom handle all night, without the risk of splinters. After all, pumpkin seeds should be the only seeds that make it into your partner’s body this Halloween.

And yes, these latex condoms are FDA approved for durability and reliability, just like all of the condoms we sell here at Condom Depot, so you can rest assured knowing that the monster in your pants was mashed with reduced risk. These shiny and lubricated condoms have a smooth, seamless texture and a reservoir tip. Their unstretched measurements are: 8.12” (206.24mm) long x 4” (101.6mm) in circumference.

hotSpotRingThe majority of this condom is made from extremely thin transparent orange latex, much like the Fantasy Rainbow Colored condoms, while the contrasting black head of the condom is seriously shiny and completely opaque. As someone who finds pleasure in matching accessories, I paired mine with the black as midnight Trojan Hot Spot vibrating ring around his base and the result made us howl at the moon. Read my very positive, 5-star product review of the Hot Spot here.

trustexchocolatelubeThese condoms have virtually no taste or smell, but they can be with the help of an additional lubricant, like water-based Trustex Chocolate lubricant. The internet rumors about Durex releasing a Pumpkin Spice flavored condom may not have been true, but Sam’s article has some other great suggestions for incorporating the flavors of fall into your sex life!

Since these condoms are on the dry side, I definitely think an added lube is in order for friction reduction and increased safety against breakage. Dressed up like a devil? Prod your partner in the candy corn-hole with your dual colored pitchfork using some Cherry Scented Anal Lube, and they’ll be exclaiming, “Oh, hell yeah!”


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Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

Trustex Dual Color Orange & Black condoms are the most Halloween appropriate FDA approved condoms available, so use these and the screams you hear this Halloween won’t be of broken-condom-terror, they’ll be ear-piercing screams of ecstasy.

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

4 Stars: “Me and my girlfriend loved these condoms. We always use them on Halloween. Only bad thing I can say about them is they felt a little bit tight for me, overall good condom.”  Scott – Tampa, Florida

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