Best Textured Condoms for Every Body & Every Budget

While I appreciate the finely-tuned game of a smooth-as-silk player, I prefer my condoms to be anything but smooth.

We get a lot of question from customers who don’t have vaginas about how those who do have them feel about textured condoms, and while fellow writer Sam is not a fan of them, I definitely am. Read on to find out which ones made the cut and became my textured condom top dogs!


If you’re new to the textured condom game, and are not yet a seasoned sommelier on the subject, trying a variety is the fastest way to know what you and your partner prefer. We’ve made it easy on you by offering our exclusive Textured Condom Sampler, so you can try a slew of name brand textured condoms without investing in huge boxes of condoms that don’t do it for you.

Remember, for the best time for both of you– keep your game smooth and your condom textured!

By Size/Shape/Fit:

All unstretched measurements were hand measured by us and taken from the Condom Size Chart and are listed as length by base circumference.

Best Textured Condom: Snugger Fit

LSThreeSumLifeStyles 3SUM

  • 7.87” x 3.6” (199.89mm x 91.44mm)
  • Same width as LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms, but with more headroom.
  • Newest textured condom on the market.

Best Textured Condom: Average Girth


Caution Wear Wild Rose

  • 8.25” x 4” (209.55mm x 101.6mm)
  • Long lasting silicone-based lube.
  • Formerly known as Speed Bumps condoms, due to the plentiful amount of ribs on this condom.

Best Textured Condom: Magnum Sized


Trojan Magnum Ribbed

  • 8.12” x 4.5” (206.24mm x 114.3mm)
  • Wider than Trojan Magnums and Trojan Magnum XLs, but less stretchy.
  • Spiral ribs create a unique sensation upon entry/exit.

Best Textured Condom: Contoured

CondomDepot-Review-FI-kimonotypeeKimono Textured Type E

  • 8.5” x 4” (215.9mm x 101.6mm)
  • Super thin colored latex.
  • Silky feeling silicone-based lube.
  • Anatomical contoured fit with both ribs and studs!

By Special Features:

Best Textured Condom: Climax Control


Durex Performax Intense

  • 8.12” x 4.24” (206.24mm x 107.9mm)
  • Silicone-based climax control lubricant is only on the inside of the condom (does not numb partner).
  • Contoured, ribbed and studded.

Best Textured Condom: Colored/Flavored


LifeStyles Fun Bumps

  • 8.25” x 4” (209.55mm x 101.6mm)
  • Out of all of these fantastic textured condoms, this is my personal favorite (read my five star review of Fun Bumps here).
  • Blue colored, contoured and smells/tastes as minty fresh as a new pack of peppermint gum.

By Type of Texture:

Best Studded Condom


Beyond Seven Studded

  • 7.87” x 4” (199.89mm x 101.6mm)
  • Super thin, blue tinted Sheerlon latex with lots of extremely bumpy studs.
  • By the makers of Crown Skinless Skin condoms.

Best Ribbed Condom


Trojan Intense Ribbed

  • 8.25“ x 4.24“ (209.55mm x 107.96mm)
  • Lightbulb shaped head is roomier and ideal for uncircumcised penises.
  • Ribs are strategically placed to make the most impact during penetration.

Best Ribbed and Studded Condom

trustexribbedTrustex Ribbed and Studded

  • 8.25“ x 4“ (209.55mm x 101.6mm)
  • Contoured, ribbed, studded and tinted red.
  • Extremely thin latex for optimal heat transfer.

By Lowest Price:

Everyday Affordability:


Rough Rider Studded

  • 8.12“ x 3.88“ (206.24mm x 98.5mm)
  • Case of 1,000 for $125.
  • Serious amount of studs!

Clearance Condoms (no free shipping or coupon codes apply):

CondomDepot-Review-FI-lifestyleskyngribbedLifeStyles KYNG Ribbed

  • 7.87” x 4” (199.89mm x 101.6mm)
  • Contoured and over 4 inches of ribs along the shaft.
  • Priced for quick sale at less than five cents per condom.

These condoms have a shorter time left until they expire than our non-clearance items, so be sure to check the dates we have listed for reference before ordering. Using expired condoms can lead to breakage. But, the current price of $45.00 for a case of 1,000 KYNG Ribbed condoms (expire on 5/2015) is the best price you’ll find anywhere on textured condoms, at less than a nickel apiece. Use them all yourself, or split a case with your dorm roommate. These ribbed condoms are discontinued by the manufacturer, so this is your last chance to stock up on these awesome condoms, but don’t worry the non-textured KYNG Blue and KYNG Gold are still in production.

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