Condom Review: Trojan Charged Orgasmic

Trojan Charged Orgasmic condoms are a ribbed, naturally-colored latex condom with an exclusive intensified lubricant.


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It may be intensified, but there certainly wasn’t an intense amount of lubricant on this textured jimmy hat. When I unrolled the condom on him, this flared head had all of the lubricant on it, and none of it was on the middle or base of the condom. Therefore, I absolutely recommend adding an additional lubricant with this condom, as the dryness could cause a break from superheated and inadequately moisturized latex.

wet-ecstasy-siliconeTo keep in the spirit of the Charged lube on these condoms, which contains mystery ingredients, courtesy of Trojan, we employed one of my newly found favorite silicone-based lubes, WET Ecstasy Silicone. After all, there’s no such thing as too much ecstasy in my book. Read my recent review of this phenomenal lube here.Customers have said that this condom smells like a hamster cage, and after smelling it for myself I can confirm this odd cedar chip and musky odor. Scent-wise, it’s a bit like getting it on with a guinea pig. I couldn’t bring myself to taste it, so chances are your hot date won’t want to either. My advice is to stick with a yummy Durex Tropical for oral and save these guys for other orifices.

Let’s talk size. This condom is great for those who prefer a little extra freedom of movement in the head area. With a 8.37” (212.6mm) length x 4” (101.6mm) circumference with a gradual head flare which maxes out at 4.75” (121mm), this condom can accommodate a larger penis.

chargedThe latex material itself is quite soft and supple feeling, and is thinner than other ribbed condoms I’ve tried in the past. The shaft of the condom has 12 fairly spread out ribs leading into a smooth section right beneath the flared head. Around the head shape are another nine ribs for extra sensation.

Unlike some other light bulb or extra headroom condoms, this one does have a reservoir tip for added safety. If you, like some of our other customers, prefer flared condoms without this safety feature read ‘Q: Which Condoms Don’t Have Reservoir Tips?

TrojanChargedOrgasmicPromoFinal Verdict:

Trojan Charged Orgasmic condoms are neither spectacular nor awful, as they require an additional lubricant and smell like a pet store, but offer a comfortable shape and a high quality latex material.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

2 Stars: “These do the trick obviously. I just can’t get over the smell of these condoms. It literally smells like I’m doing it in a hamsters cage. It’s odor is way overpowering and lingers for some time after.” David – Seattle, Washington

4 Stars: “My girlfriend gets super wet during sex and I find I normally lose the friction needed to come (plus for her, I can go for hours!). These condoms not only increased her pleasure, but mine also. Not sure if the special ingredients do anything, but the ribs, fit, and just the right lube on the inside seems to work for us. I didn’t think these condoms smelled any worse than normal lubricated ‘doms.” F-ster – Clay, NY

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