Lube Review: Elbow Grease Original Cream

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Elbow Grease Original Cream, but never had the chance to give it a shot. Well. That ends today. And let me tell you, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.


Elbow Grease is interesting. When I first tried it out on my hands, it felt like it dried up quickly which wasn’t a good sign. But! Lo and behold! It wasn’t that it dried up, oh no. Continuing to rub my hands back and forth, I found that they were still pleasantly slick. It was just a slickness that I wasn’t quite used it.

In fact, it felt almost like a lotion more than a lube. It was super silky, and super soft, and it made my hands feel amazing while not making them feel like they were covered in, well, lube.

And then I looked at the ingredients on the back.

First of all: this product is not safe for latex or polyisoprene condoms, like Lifestyles SKYN. It has mineral oil and petrolatum in it, both of which will degrade a condom. If your protection is made of nitrile, polyurethane, or lambskin? Go right ahead.

Then I noticed that it as cetyl alcohol. With sensitive skin, cetyl alcohol is something I avoid coming in contract with, and it’s not something that I want in my vagina. It dries instead of moisturizes, and for people with dermatitis, it can be an irritant.


Finally, I noticed that Elbow Grease has parabens in it. While research is still on-going about the effect that parabens have on the body, the majority consensus seems to be that it’s best to stay away. Our more natural lubes, like WET Silky Supreme, don’t have them. But it’s very easy to find in other masturbation creams, like Swiss Navy’s, which I also recently reviewed. You can read more about lube ingredients in our Guide To Personal Lubricants.

The 4 oz. comes in a small tub that I’d liken to a playdough tub, which is a style I haven’t seen a lubricant come in before. It’s white, like lotion, and it has the consistency of lotion.

elbowgreas2For the sake of some redeeming value, this cream has pretty much no smell and no taste. But I would still hesitate to incorporate it into any oral sex. It doesn’t seem to be what it’s made for and I don’t think it would be particularly helpful.

No, it seems the intention of Elbow Grease is to be used as a masturbation cream for people with penises, which is fine. It gives pretty decent hand jobs, and it doesn’t make your hands feel all sticky and greasy afterwards. It’ll even make your junk feel super soft. But for more than that? Pick something else.


Final Verdict:

While Elbow Grease Original Cream had an interesting texture and lasted fairly long for a masturbation cream, its questionable ingredients make me hesitant to purchase it for a partner or use it myself.

Overall Rating: 2 Stars

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