Condom Review: Caution Wear Classic

Today, I’m going back to the classics with Caution Wear Classic.


Can I just say this? I love Caution Wear condoms. Why? It’s the lube, really. Caution Wear is one of the few brands out there that use silicone-based lube on their condoms. Which means that their lube isn’t just there to get that coveted pre-lubricated label and then immediately wear off on your hands (like so many other condoms). It’s there to stay.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I wish Caution Wear sold their lube. Because I do love it, but there never seems to be enough on their condoms. Ugh. If wishes were fishes.

I don’t know if it’s called the Classic because it’s their first condom or if it’s called that because there aren’t any frills on this sexy prophylactic. It has the traditional condom shape, at 8.12″ x 1.9,” (nominal width) with a straight, fit and a reservoir tip at the end. If you aren’t a fan of ribs and studs (like me), then you’ll love the simplicity of this condom. It may not be special (apart from it’s silicone lube) but it doesn’t need to be.


My partner complained that this condom felt thicker than the Caution Wear Grande, which is his favorite of Caution Wear’s products. Now, the Grande also makes our list for the Five Best Condoms For Anal Sex, but this condom would be equally as impressive for dudes who need a little less wiggle room.

Remember, the FDA hasn’t approved any condoms for anal sex, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one.

As to whether it is thicker or if it just feels that way, with the exception of the Caution Wear Black Ice, it seems the majority of their condoms come in at .0070mm thickness, which is comparable to most other condoms by American manufacturers (like Trojan). It didn’t affect my partner’s performance, and if you don’t normally have trouble with condoms and ejaculation, this one shouldn’t give you any trouble.

Like other Caution Wear products, this condom has almost no smell. It’s a far cry from other brands, like Trojan, who are almost always stinky. It does, however, have a slight latex taste, so if that’s not your jam, consider pairing it with a flavored lube, like WET Fun Flavors.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

The Caution Wear Classic is a great, simple condom, but the silicone-lube really kicks it up a notch and takes it into the 21st century.

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars: “Very strong and durable compared to other condoms, lubrication on the condom felt good and made sex feel better.” Kaydee – San Bernardino

4 Stars: “Felt very good. Liked the lubrication. Would use them again.” Josh – SoCal

5 Stars: “My boyfriend and I ordered the variety pack, and these condoms were our absolute favorite! The fit was wonderful, he felt like it was the best next to natural. They rolled on perfectly, and none of them tore.” condomuser – pa


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