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Over five decades ago, the LifeStyles brand launched their safer sex products to the international market. Using their rubber expertise, they’ve been paramount in revolutionizing the condom manufacturing industry, which in turn, has improved the sex lives and reproductive health of countless individuals across the world.


Keeping with the times, LifeStyles condoms are now available in a wider variety of widths, lengths, shapes, flavors, colors, textures and materials than ever before. They even make non-latex condoms, the LifeStyles SKYN, in both regular and SKYN Large sized out of a super soft non-latex material. They even offer a non-latex textured condom, the LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel. These are their top sellers from us, a condom distributor, along with their ever-popular latex Snugger Fit and XL condom.

All LifeStyles condoms are FDA approved and are electronically tested for STD/STI transmission and preventing unwanted pregnancies. LifeStyles condoms are reliable, offer a great fit, a high level of sensitivity and are uniquely stretchy, which allows for a a comfortable wearing experience and extra safety.

Unless otherwise specified, all LifeStyles condoms:

  • are made from latex
  • are coated in silicone-based lubricant
  • offer a straight fit
  • have a reservoir tip

For those who prefer no lubricant, or to add their own lube, they also have a very popular Non-Lubricated condom.

A Complete Brand Overview By Condom Depot


LifeStyles Black Label Condoms


Lifestyles Black Label condoms are a great way to step out the the norm and get dressed up for that special occasion. This midnight black condom is a sexy and mysterious looking alternative to the standard natural latex condoms out there, so it can add a level of intrigue and excitement to your next sexual encounter.

Plus, its unique flared shape, high quality lubricant and extreme stretchiness allows for a comfortable and sensual fit which you both will surely enjoy.

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LifeStyles Fun Bumps Condoms


Put the fun back into your sex life with LifeStyles Fun Bumps! This latex condom is anything but ordinary with its bright blue hue, anatomical shape and its super stimulating raised bumps.

Fun Bumps are very easy to put on, due to their amazingly slick and silky lubricant. Add in a simply splendid fresh mint scent and flavor to the rest of these fun and fantastic features, and this condom is a downright winner.

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LifeStyles Condom’s Product List:

Condom Depot’s LifeStyles Condom SamplerLifeStyles Black Label LifeStyles Fun Bumps
lifestylessampler CondomDepot-Review-FI-lifestylers-black-labelCondomDepot-Review-FI-lifestyles-fun-bumps
LifeStyles 3SUMLifeStyles Snugger FitLifeStyles Styles Large Pack
LifeStyles KYNG SmoothLifeStyles KYNG RibbedLifeStyles THYN UltraGlide
LifeStyles KYNG GoldLifeStyles Vibrating RingLifeStyles Colors
LifeStyles FlavoredLifeStyles Extra StrengthLifeStyles Non-Lubricated
LifeStyles Pleasure CollectionLifeStyles Pleasure ShapedLifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure
LifeStyles SKYNLifeStyles SKYN LargeLifeStyles THYRLL
LifeStyles TuxedoLifeStyles THYNLifeStyles Ultra Lubricated
LifeStyles Ultra SensitiveLifeStyles Ultra ThinLifeStyles WYLD
LifeStyles XLLifeStyles a:muse Personal MassagerLifeStyles a:muse His & Hers Massagers

A LifeStyles Brand Timeline

LifeStyles brand condoms are made by the Ansell company which began as the Dunlop Pneumatic Tire Company in 1899.

Originally a manufacturer of car tires in the United Kingdom, the Australian branch of Dunlop has also made other high-quality rubber products, such as footwear, since the 1940s.

In the 1960s, Ansell began the development and manufacturing of LifeStyles condoms before diversifying their product line even further by making gas masks, weather balloons and the first mass-produced disposable latex gloves. These are the exact same types of gloves that we still use today. In fact, I have a box of Ansell brand gloves sitting on my desk at this exact moment. They offer great protection for health care workers, for protection during manual sex and they can even be modified into a makeshift dental dam to prevent STD/STIs transmission during cunnilingus and/or anilingus, or into a DIY adult toy.

In the early 1980s, LifeStyles advertised their brand of condoms as an effective way to protect against the growing AIDS epidemic. They were the first condom company to include HIV prevention and awareness in their marketing campaigns. By stepping up and making the public aware of this health crisis, they may have help to save many lives, worldwide.

condom (1)

In the mid-nineties, they started running televised commercials for LifeStyles in the United States, a country which had previously refused to air condom commercials. Read more about the general history of condoms, condom laws, and condom advertising here. During this formative and tumultuous time in our sexual history, Dunlop rose up and became one of the 20 largest companies in Australia, with major operations running in 20 different countries.

Starting in the early 2000s, the LifeStyles brand is becoming more and more well known for the unusual urban spelling of their condom names, like THYRLL. This technique sets them apart from other companies with too similar or common condom names (like pleasure or ecstasy) which is why LifeStyles brand names made it onto our list of the ‘Best Condom Names.’

As of 2014, LifeStyles is expanding their horizons even further and by manufacturing special LifeStyles condom variety packs, a:muse battery operated personal massagers, as well as a variety of high quality vibrating rings and personal lubricants, in addition to their premium latex condoms.

What amazing products will LifeStyles come up with in the future? Only time will tell.

Haven’t Fully Satisfied Your Curiosity?


Interested in learning more about Lifestyles’ fine products, like my personal favorite, the peppermint LifeStyles Fun Bumps condom (pictured above)? Our staff-written, honest and highly detailed LifeStyles Condom Reviews and LifeStyles Product Reviews are the perfect resources for the additional safer sex information you’re craving.

Want to dive in and try them all without breaking the bank on big boxes of LifeStyles? We don’t blame you at all. That’s why we’ve created an exclusive and inexpensive Condom Depot LifeStyles Sampler (30 assorted LifeStyles condoms for $17.99), which you simply cannot find anywhere else.

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