Condom Pack Review: Durex Pleasure Pack

Ready for an inexpensive, yet pleasure-packed sexual adventure with your lover? I am! Wait, aren’t we all?


The Durex Pleasure Pack is an extremely easy, affordable and convenient way to get a variety of amazing Durex condoms in an easy-to-travel-with package. Textured, flavored, ultra thin and climax control condoms all in the same box? Yes, that’s right. The good folks over at Durex have transformed being spontaneous into a brainless activity.

Like LifeStyles and Trojan, Durex offers assorted packs of latex condoms in a few different quantities. This makes it super simple for those who aren’t quite sure what condoms their partner likes the most, or for those who like to change it up each time to keep things new and exciting in the bedroom.

Since I always think more is better, when it comes to condoms, I went for the very reasonably priced 24 pack. The different kinds of condoms which came in this size of package are listed below, as well as a breakdown of the contents of the other pack sizes (three count and twelve count).


The 3 Pack:

Cost: $2.49 (Please note that the three pack does not contain a Performax Intense condom, like the 12 and 24 packs do, and has a Pleasuremax condom instead.)

Durex Extra Sensitive (1)
Durex Pleasuremax (1)
Durex Tropical (1)

The 12 Pack:

Cost: $8.49 (way cheaper than the Trojan Sensitivity Pack and the Trojan Platinum Pack)

Durex Tropical (4)
Durex Performax Intense (2)
Durex Extra Sensitive (4)
Durex Intense Sensations (2)

The 24 Pack:

Cost: $15.49 (best deal)

Durex Tropical (7)
Durex Performax Intense (5)
Durex Extra Sensitive (7)
Durex Intense Sensations (5)

Condom Sizes (Length/Circumference), Links and Descriptions

Durex Tropical 


(8.25” x 4.24” or 209.55mm x 107.96mm)

Our staff favorite flavored condom for safer oral sex. Comes in a assortment of delectable Green Apple, Orange, Strawberry and Banana flavors. I love these scented, colored and flavored condoms so much, it made my top ten products for fellatio list, plus I gave it a five-star review. That’s love. Read it here.

Durex Performax Intense

performax intense

(8.12” x 4.24” or 206.24mm x 107.96mm)

A textured, contoured, colored and climax control condom. This sucker has it all. Last longer without making her numb! Read my four-star review of this condom here.

Durex Extra Sensitive


(7.75” x 3.88” or 196.85mm x 98.42mm)

This ultra thin condom provides just what it says it does– extra sensitivity and heat transfer. Read a five-star review of this condom here.

Durex Intense Sensations


(8” x 4” or 203.2mm x 101.6mm)

A thin, seriously studded textured condom with over 150 raised dots along the shaft. Read my detailed three-star review of this condom here.

Durex Pleasuremax


(8” x 4.24” or 203.2mm x 107.96mm)

A blue colored ribbed, studded and flared condom which gives more head and foreskin room for him and more texture for her. Read a five-star review of this condom here.

Use Caution: Durex Condom Wrappers and Labeling

durex wrappers

As a friendly word of advice: carefully read the back of all the orange and purple condom wrappers before using them! The wrappers for their orange Tropical flavored condoms and their Intense Sensations condom look exactly the same, except for the words/images on the backside of the wrapper. Same goes for their Extra Sensitive condoms and their Performax Intense condom, which both have the exact same purple front. So, be sure to check the small print on the back before donning a, “Surprise!” condom, like I did.

Final Verdict:

A less expensive and higher quality condom variety pack than what Trojan makes. The Durex Pleasure Pack makes a great gift, is perfect traveling and for all those who love variety and convenience at a low price.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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