Condom Review: Kimono Thin

Japanese condoms are famous for their low latex odor, stay-put width, and thin-yet-durable latex material. Over the weekend in Tampa, Florida (which is a far cry from Tokyo) I gave the Kimono Thin a go and I found that it fits right in around here.


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In a nutshell, this soft and silky latex condom lives up to all the Japanese condom stereotypes and far surpasses the quality of any American or European condom I’ve tried. However, it’s not nearly as thin as the aptly named Kimono MicroThin (the 0.045mm thick condom I recently tried out and praised in a rare 5-star review, read it here) or the Kimono MicroThin UltraLubricated which is even thinner, at 0.044mm.

It seems like the race for a thinner Japanese condom is always underway, but it’s nice to have options for those people who like a little more thickness. A thicker condom can provide more peace of mind against breakage, and it can also make him last longer because it reduces the level of warmth and sensation felt between partners. This is a chemical-free and numbing agent-free way to edge and control the timing of the male climax, thereby giving the partner enough time to reach orgasm.

This is where my partner and I ran into some trouble. Having grown accustomed to the thinner alternative, the Kimono Thin didn’t do us right in climax department. This delayed orgasm could also be attributed to slight whiskey dick, so there may have been outside factors at play here as well. Bottom line, he couldn’t turn Japanese while wearing this Japanese condom, and this has never been a problem for us when using thinner condoms.

Fit-wise, it was perfect for us, as he is a less girthy but lengthier guy. Unstretched, it’s the exact same size as the Kimono MicroThin and the Caution Wear CAMOX PPE condoms, at 8.12” (206.24mm) long x 3.74“ (95mm) circumference. It stayed put, even when I was internally squeezing him, which has been an issue before– hence my enthusiastic endorsement of of the TitanMen Stretch-to-Fit Ring, which helps keep the condom snuggly on his thinner-than-average shaft, instead of being tugged off mid-coitus from my kegels and then floating around inside of me, lost in a vaginal oblivion.kimonothinbox

This condom has no smell or taste to speak of, almost like a LifeStyles SKYN. We both really enjoyed this lack of distracting odor and flavor. There was a point when things got a bit too dry, so we busted out my Swiss Navy Silicone lube and added a few drops of that slippery goodness to the mix to avoid overheating the latex. It felt even better lubed up and the condom stayed in tact throughout our various vigorous activities.

If you’ve tried our Kimono Sampler Pack, you may have noticed this is the only Kimono condom that has a red wrapper. If you haven’t tried this exclusive Condom Depot condom sampler, and you want to try out Kimono condoms, this is the best and most economical way to do so.

Daizaburo Nakamura, "Woman," 1930

Daizaburo Nakamura, “Woman,” 1930

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

The Kimono Thin is a superb Japanese condom choice for long and thin penises, although it offered significantly less sensation and heat transfer than its same-size-yet-thinner-latex counterpart, the Kimono MicroThin.


What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars: “Feels great!! Nice form-fitted design and worked well for both partners. Would definitely recommend. Only topped by the MicroThin by Kimono, which is absolutely amazing…” Sherman – Rochester, MN

5 Stars: “Greatest condom ever, I had difficulty staying erect with other condoms, this condom feels like there is no condom at all during sex, great for smaller to average size penis. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.” kimonoforlife – Canada

4 Stars: “Felt great for both me and my boyfriend. Honestly, he is not a huge guy…I would say pretty average and these were snug on him. He loved how they stayed on and to me, it felt like he was wearing nothing at all.” Elisa – Muncie, IN

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