Product Review: Doc Johnson’s Willie Wrapper

If you or your partner love masturbating with rabbit-style vibrators, and you’re looking for a way to incorporate one into your lovemaking, Doc Johnson’s Willie Wrapper is tailor-made for you.



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After publishing the Best Rabbit Vibes buying guide on our Spicy Gear Blog last week, I was inspired to try this rabbit-style vibrating ring– to see how this turn-your-penis-into-a-rabbit-vibrator held up to the competition.

The result? The Willie Wrapper is beyond compare, second to none and unsurpassed by other lesser cock rings. Those who need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm will love this product, as it greatly enhances sensations felt while using Coital Alignment Technique positions designed for clitoral arousal.

Want to see just how Doc Johnson does it? Check out, “Making Sex Toys: A Factory Tour,” for a complete overview of this sex toy manufacturer’s American facilities.

willie_wrapper_lgThe packaging says it’s purple, but it’s really more of a hot pink color, like the Original Jack Rabbit Vibrator. Unlike the original Jack Rabbit, the Willie Wrapper is currently only $18.99. Plus, it comes complete with three cell batteries, is wireless and it’s completely reusable.

This vibrating cock ring is made from phthalate-free TPR and is translucent. I was surprised to find that the ears on the ring were still fused together into one big ear– as I prefer an ear to be on either side of my clitoris. No biggie though, because I happened to have some unused eyebrow scissors in my vanity which I used to cut the ears in two. Around the ears and shaft ring are additional nubs for U-Spot contact.


Getting the Willie Wrapper set up for action didn’t end there, as I still needed to get the batteries in place and insert the large-sized bullet into the wrapper. Just a tip– all three batteries go in face down (flat side up). I recommend getting this all set up beforehand, as it can take a few minutes.

The multi-speed controls on this vibrating ring are not complicated, even with lubed hands, which is a rare trait. Instead of a button or an on/off switch like the Trojan Hot Spot has, this is a rotating dial. Just twist to the desired level of vibrations (which ranges from “Oh, this is a pleasant tickle,” to “My clit is going to take off into outer space!”) and start humping like rabbits.

williewrapper2Not sure if the Willie Wrapper is the right fit? Check out our Vibrating Ring Size Chart for a complete listing of our erection ring sizes.

Like other erection rings, it can be used with or without a condom. If you want to use it with a condom, put the condom on first. We used a Kimono Textured Type-E, which I added an additional drop of lube to inside the reservoir tip before rolling it onto his shaft. Once the condom was secure, I lubed up both of the rings up to prevent any pubic hair pulling or added friction on the condom.

Then, I slipped the stretchy smaller ring around and down the shaft until it reached the base, where I carefully let it go, securing the condom in place. Then, I gently fed the scrotum through the larger ring, one testis at a time. Those with much-larger-than-average-sized balls may want to choose a vibrating ring without this chode-hugging, perineum-vibrating second ring, like the Durex Play Vibrations.


Of course, all of this takes trust and practice, and a different application technique may work better for you and your partner, such as putting it on yourself or starting with the scrotal ring.

Got kids or roommates in the house? The Willie Wrapper is definitely quieter than other vibrating sex toys, especially considering the enormous intensity of this couples toy. And, unlike some other toys which claim they are waterproof, this one actually is. I tested it out in the shower (ya know, for science) and it was a wet dream come true.

However, be aware that silicone-based lubes (which are the ones I’d normally use during shower sex, because they are not water-soluble) aren’t compatible with the Willie Wrapper’s TPR material. I used a premium water-based lube called WET Ecstasy Water-Based and it worked beautifully.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

This inexpensive and reusable bunny-eared Willie Wrapper makes achieving a clitoral orgasm during penetration only a hop, skip and a jump away. Hip, hip, hooray!

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