Condom Pack Review: Trojan Magnum Gold Pack

Magnums were mine and my partner’s go-to condom for a long time before we discovered the Trojan NaturaLamb, our favorite condom. For that reason, I was super excited to try the Trojan Magnum Gold Pack. I’d never actually tried a non-original Magnum until cracking open this box!

Lucky for me, the Magnum Gold Pack comes with three other Magnum types in addition to the Original— the Ecstasy, Thin, and Warming.


The Magnum Gold Pack is not to be confused with the Gold Collection. The only difference between the two is that the Gold Pack has the Warming condom. The Gold Collection has the Magnum Fire & Ice condom. We do not currently carry the Gold Collection.

Now, it’s important first that we chat about the Magnum myth. Due in part to some brilliant marketing by Trojan, Magnum has long been associated with the biggest of the big when it comes to condoms. And as you’ll see below, Magnum sizes are a little screwy and inconsistent. You can read more about this in our article on the Best Condoms For Large Penises.

I compared the four condoms in this box to some of our other larger condoms from different brands, as well as the Magnum XL.


You’ll see that with the exception of the Warming, all of these condoms are actually smaller in length than the other larger-sized condoms. But nearly all of them are just slightly larger in terms of girth, which is how Magnum gets their reputation.

In fact, it’s really the tapered girth which makes these condoms so palatable to well-endowed people. Instead of the traditional straight-fitting condom, the signature Magnum style has a flared shape from the smallest point (the opening) to the reservoir. You’ll see that on all of these condoms with the exception of the Ecstasy, which is basically just Trojan’s normal Her Pleasure Ecstasy but sized up a bit.




My partner, who has a long documented girth problem (well, perhaps not a problem) loves the extra wiggle room of the Magnum Original, which is why he preferred them for so long before switching to the NaturaLambs. Like many condoms made by American companies, however, the Magnum Original suffers from a thickness problem. It doesn’t transmit the same warmth and feeling as thinner condoms.

But in terms of lube, smell, and taste, this one and the Thin and Ecstasy were all pretty much the same. They have a great amount of water-based lube that is pretty average in slipperiness and softness. Nothing special. We ended up adding some extra silicone based lube in the form of WET Naturals Silky Supreme because you know we like to play it safe.

The smell was pretty on par for Trojan’s latex condoms: stinky. And yet the taste wasn’t half as bad as some of the other Trojan condoms I’ve sampled.



When you see Ecstasy on a Trojan label, you know that you’re dealing with a condom that has a bulbed head. These condoms are especially good for uncircumcised men because they give even more extra room at the head than the tapered Magnums. Like I said, though, the Magnum Ecstasy is basically just the Her Pleasure Ecstasy but larger. Because of the bulbed head, there is no reservoir tip on the end, but this condom still meets FDA standards so don’t worry about that interfering with your safety.



My partner was most excited to try this guy out, out of all the others in the box. Condom thickness is a constant issue for him– he likes them ultra sensitive, but with only a few exceptions, there aren’t many condoms in his size that come in extra thin.

He found the Magnum Thin to be everything that he hoped for and more. The thickness is comparable to a Japanese condom, like the Crown Skinless Skin, or the Kimono MicroThins, but it was a much better fit for him.



I’m going to be honest with you: I did not try the Trojan Warming. I’ve used the Trojan Fire & Ice condoms previously and found them to be very uncomfortable, and after Kara’s investigation into them, I found myself unwilling to put those anywhere near my body. Sorry! But if you like Trojan’s other warming condoms, these come with the same tapered fit as the other Magnums.

This is the largest condom in the box, and it’s even larger than the Magnum XL. Why Trojan decided to randomly make this one bigger than the other standard Magnums, I have no idea, but if you found the other Magnums to be a tight squeeze, these could be worth checking out.

We don’t sell the Trojan Warming condom outside of the pack, so if you’re interested in trying it out, the Gold Pack is the only way to get your hands on it.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

I genuinely like Magnums, and my partner prefers them when we can’t find our chosen condom. Because of this, the Trojan Gold Pack was a good way to get to sample other types from the Magnum line. We may have found some new favorites in the Thin and the Ecstasy, which both solved problems we didn’t even know we had with the Original.

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