Condom Review: Kimono Rainbow Colors

This week, my partner and I chased the orgasm rainbow by testing out a Kimono Rainbow Colors condom. What were our findings, you ask? In a nutshell, this brightly colored condom straight-up rules!

kimonocondomsWe’re already practically fanatical about Kimono brand condoms, as you can see from the positive reviews of the Kimono MicroThin and the Kimono Thin, which I’ve already written. Rainbow Colors are no exception to my past exclamations of, “Holy crapola, Kimonos are freakin’ incredible!”

What’s not to love? These snugger fit, anatomically contoured, vibrantly hued, thin latex condoms are as fun to look at as they are to use. Kimono went with primary colors for these– so if you prefer pastels, move along, Sir. We used the brilliant blue one and saved the red and yellow ones for another time.


Kimono Rainbow Colors are the exact same size as the pastel blue Beyond Seven Sheerlon condoms (read my review of these here). They’re 7.87” long with a 3.74” circumference (199.89mm x 95mm). Check out the Condom Size Chart to see how they compare to other condoms’ sizes!

Unlike some other girthier condoms we’ve tried, we had no issues whatsoever with slippage or sliding of the condom, despite his penoscrotal webbing and smaller girth size. That sucker hung on for dear life, which meant my life wasn’t in danger of changing due to accidental pregnancy or STD transmission. Three cheers!

I was pleasantly surprised by the softness and heat transfer we experienced with these colored condoms, because from my experiences with colored latex, they can feel a bit different than naturally colored latex condoms. These were so touchable, they reminded me of the ultra-skinlike LifeStyles SKYN condoms.


The lube on these condoms is fantastic. Not only is it silicone-based, it’s paraben and glycerin-free, making it very body friendly for any orifice. They’re also easy on the nose, as there was no latex scent to speak of. They tasted the same as they smelled– inoffensive. And, speaking of tasting man meat, and ROY G. GIVing head– these condoms were made without animal proteins, so they are vegan-friendly!

Price-wise, these run around 50 cents a piece, if you buy in bulk (currently 100 count for $42.99). Granted, this is more expensive than the similarly sized Fantasy Rainbow Colors (currently a 100 count is $19.99)– but it is so worth it. Fantasy Rainbow Colors don’t offer anywhere close to the same level of pleasure as the Kimono’s do, due to a lesser quality latex, a water-based lube and a straight fit.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

By far, this is the best colored condom I’ve ever used. Kimono Rainbow Colors, you’re my pigmented pot of prophylactic gold!

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