Condom Pack Review: Trojan Pleasure Pack

When I first brought the Trojan Pleasure Pack home, my partner asked why all of the condoms were the exact same. But the difference, and the pleasure, proved to be in the details. While each of these condoms may look very similar, there are actually some very big differences.

But let’s start with some similarities first: all four of these condoms have a flared head, all have ribs, and all have a reservoir tip on the end. They all have a pretty strong latex taste and smell, so I wouldn’t really recommend them for oral sex. But they’re all very close to the same size, too, as you will see below:


Unlike some of the other packs I’ve reviewed, this one comes color-coded. The individually wrapped condoms correspond with the colors on the box, so there’s no scrambling to look at the teeny-tiny print to see what you grabbed, postponing the action even further.

The Trojan Pleasure Pack come in packs sizes of three, twelve, and thirty-six.

Three Pack:

The three pack comes without the Warming condom– just an FYI in case you’re looking to try those suckers out but you want to save some cash. They also come with the Ultra-Ribbed instead of the Intense Ribbed, which you can read Kara’s review of here.

Twelve Pack:

The twelve pack comes with three of each of these condoms: Twisted, Sensations, Warming, Intense.

Thirty-Six Pack:

The thirty-six pack comes with twelve Twisted and twelve Sensations condoms, as well as six Intense and six Warming condoms.



I’ve seen this condom on the website for a while but for some reason, have never been quite able to picture what it’s supposed to look like. It’s hard to make an exact replica image of how the twisted ribs look. But basically, the ribs make it look like a candy cane. There are three rows of them, and they aren’t particularly big. While the concept is cool, for me, the payoff wasn’t that great. I didn’t notice the ribs. In fact, the Glass Gem Peridot, which our friends over at Spicy Gear sell, replicates the same feeling but much more strongly.

We used to carry the Twisted in packs all by itself, but Trojan brand no longer produces those. The only way to find these candy cane shaped condoms is in this pack, or in the Trojan Sampler.



The draw of the Sensations condom is that it it combines the ribs with the flared head.  I don’t know if it’s because there are more ribs on this condom than the Twisted, but I could actually feel them on this one. The combination of the textured feeling with the flared head made this my second favorite condom in the box.

Now, you may notice that there is a product called the Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations. They look very similar, BUT there is one big difference: the ones found in the Pleasure Pack come with ribs on the flared portion of the condom, whereas the Her Pleasure Sensations, which are sold separately, only have ribs towards the base of the condom. This rib placement has received a number of complaints since they are too far back to feel.



The only difference between the Sensation and the Intense is that the Intense comes with an UltraSmooth Premium Lubricant (capitalization courtesy of Trojan’s trademark). They are kind of the trifecta of Trojan’s four favorite things to market: ribbed, flared head, reservoir tip, and special lube.The combination of all of these made this my favorite condom in the box. Extra lube is always a bonus for me, and this condom comes gobbed in it. And it isn’t just slipping right off, either. The lube is a little thicker than your average lube, much like WET’s Gellee. I’m a fan.

If you’re interested in just trying out the Intense all by itself, you’re in luck. It’s the only one in the box that we sell in boxes all on its own, under the name Trojan Intense Ribbed.



I’m still really wary of Trojan’s warming lubes after the Fire & Ice situation. In fact, you may remember that I didn’t even test out the Magnum Warming condom when I tested out the Magnum Gold Pack. This time, however, I decided to take the plunge.  I found that the heat from these condoms wasn’t as overpowering on my hands as the Fire & Ice, but on my more sensitive regions, holy cow! It was almost a recreation of the WET Wow incident, but without the wonderful tingling at the end.

I still find them uncomfortable. But I realize that that isn’t the case for everyone. If you’re interested in trying them out for yourself (and I would really recommend you do), buying the Trojan Pleasure Pack is the perfect way to go instead of devoting yourself to a larger number of the Fire & Ices.

And if you want to use these for oral sex, I would really recommend rethinking that. The warming lube has a very bitter taste.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

The Trojan Pleasure Pack is worth buying, simply to get your hands on a couple of condoms that Trojan no longer produces. Even if you’re not a fan of ribs, you’ll love the flared head shape on all four of these condoms.

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:


5 Stars “This was a fun assortment. We had a good old time trying the different styles of condoms.” Perez – NY

4 Stars “My girlfriend came to visit and we had a good weekend trying out all the different condoms. We liked the twisted pleasure the best. Shared pleasure was ok, but definitely buying more of the twisted pleasure.” Nicholas – Tacoma, WA

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