November 2014 Reader Questions

We are so grateful for our readers as November ends. You guys supplied us with some really wonderful and thought-provoking questions about bacteria, sex toy recycling, prostate massagers, and whole bunch of other stuff this month. So, thank to you and without further ado, please read on for November 2014’s Reader Questions.

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Ugh! Sounds like you’re having it rough. We’re so sorry to hear that.

Some people are just more predisposed to getting UTIs than others. It really sucks, but there are a couple ways you can cut down on the bacteria and amp up your health.

And no, college health clinic, spermicide is NOT the way to do that. In fact, spermicide can be a huge irritant!

UTIs are caused by bacteria. It could be that you are very sensitive to your partner(s) bacteria for some reason, or that your body is the perfect place for the little boogers to just flourish. Peeing after sex is a good way to flush that bacteria out, but it sounds like that alone isn’t doing the job for you.

Do you use a form of barrier protection? While you and your partner may be clean of STDs and pregnancy might not be a concern, a barrier method like a condom, rubber glove (for manual sex), or a dental dam will keep you free of bacteria. Just make sure that they’re spermicide-free as well.

If a barrier-method isn’t of interest to you, there are a couple other ways to you can attempt to amp up your health to prevent a UTI:

  • Drink plenty of fluids. Water, cranberry juice, and beer (yes, beer) are recommended to keep your tubes nice and shiny.
  • Avoid douching and tampons. Both can be a dangerous irritant and can remove beneficial bacteria which helps prevent UTIs.
  • Cranberries! Everywhere! Cranberries change the way certain types of bacteria are shaped which makes it more difficult for them to bind to your tissue and cause infection. If you don’t like the taste of them or can’t find them year-round, they do have cranberry supplements in most pharmacies.
  • Wear breathable fabrics. I love lacy panties as much as anyone, but if I’ve had a UTI, it’s cotton granny panties all the way until I’m in the clear. Silks, lace, and other fabrics aren’t breathable and encourage bacteria to flourish.
  • Practice good bathroom hygiene. Wipe front to back– it may sound obvious, but not doing so can be a huge culprit!
  • Consult a urologist. OBGYNs are primarily focused on other areas of your private regions, but UTIs affect the urinary tract, which is a urologist’s business. They might have more pertinent information.

We also advise that you read more on our Learning Center site about Urinary Tract Infections.

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Congrats on your purchase! I assume you’re talking about during one session. Beyond the boundaries of battery life and anal lubrication, there really isn’t a time limit, so go crazy with your new prostate toy!

Just make sure you’re listening to your body. If it hurts, take it out and try again later. If you feel yourself becoming numb, it may also be a good idea to stop so you don’t decrease your sensitivity. Remember, always listen to your body! After all, who knows you better than you?

This guide to receiving anal has some other good pro-tips that can be applicable towards toy use, so check it out.

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Testing is, of course, a great way to stay safe. But there are definitely still risks you should be aware of that you might not think of during oral sex. And you’re not alone. Hardly anyone has safe oral sex.

It all comes back to one, big thing: bacteria. Your mouth loves bacteria, and due to the things you eat, drink, smoke, etc, it’s going to be a breeding ground for it.

Granted, oral sex on folks with penises is far less risky, but the vulva is a bacteria replicating machine. UTIs, yeast infections, and other forms of bacterial infections can happen after a oral sex with someone with a vulva. A great way to combat this? Good oral hygiene, and brushing your teeth before engaging.

The other issue is that a lot of STDs that can transmit between the mouth and the genitals are asymptomatic and, in some extreme cases, can’t be tested for. This includes HPV— there is NO HPV TEST FOR FOLKS WITH PENISES currently available. The only way that they can tell if a person with a penis has HPV is if they has genital warts– and many types of HPV don’t even have genital warts or other symptoms, but can still be very dangerous for the person contracting it.

And let’s not forget about cold sores. If you get cold sores, then you have the herpes virus in your system and yes, contrary to what many of us learned in our faulty sex ed classes back in the day, you can get genital herpes after receiving oral sex from someone with oral herpes.

We love oral sex, but we still strongly recommend using a condom or a dental dam for the reasons above. Better safe than sorry!


This is not a gross question at all and I know you’re not the first person to ask it!

Unfortunately, re-selling them isn’t really an option (not that you couldn’t find someone out there who’d be willing to buy a used vibrator but that’s a whole ‘nother question). Some companies (us included) take returns within certain specifications. And no, these companies (us included) don’t re-sell used toys. We actually return them to the manufacturer where they have the proper means to dispose of the materials.

Other companies offer sex toy recycling where you can hand in an old toy to receive coupons or vouchers for new items. ScarletGirl is one of those, as well as Sex Toy Recycling.


This is the one question I never knew I needed the answer to. But it totally made my whole month, so thank you for asking!

It’s going to depend on the toy. If both toys are 100% silicone (which I know the brand name Fleshlights are NOT), you don’t even have to use a condom! Silicone only reacts when the silicone is impure, so you can bareback those muthas all you want. Otherwise, you should use a condom.

If you’re uncertain about the toys’ materials, our sister site, Spicy Gear, has a great guide on how to figure out what your sex toy is made of.

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