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Line One Laboratories, Inc is responsible for manufacturing the following brands of FDA-approved condoms, dental dams and lubricants: Trustex, Fantasy, Impulse, Trust (formerly Lixx) and Kameleon.

Line One Labs featuredLine One Labs is a global company but its headquarters are located in California. They consistently advocate for more responsible penetrative sex and oral sex by creating phthalate-free, safe, durable and fun latex barriers for men and women. All of their reliable products are manufactured in their own factories and they regularly add new products to their already extensive safer sex product lines. In addition to the products lines which we carry here at Condom Depot, Line One Labs also makes Rain lubricants.

Line One Labs are most well known for their innovative, deliciously flavored and brightly colored condoms, making them ideal for safer oral sex performed on penises. Additionally, they also make flavored dental dams for protection during cunnilingus and/or anilingus. These are made under their Trust brand, which was recently changed from the brand name Lixx– but the product is the same high quality and tasty barrier.


Trustex brand condoms are available in premium lubricated or non-lubricated varieties, which makes it easy to choose a favorite flavored lubricant to enhance their already flavored condoms, or to avoid lubricant ingredients which may be irritating. They also come in extra large sizes for those who need more room and extra strength for those who prefer extra peace of mind. And what better to pair them with than Trustex’s own brand of deliciously flavored personal lubricants? Popular flavor choices include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and mint. Plus, who can resist putting a cola flavored condom in their mouth? No one! Learn about real life run-ins with these condoms in our Trustex Condom Reviews.

Fantasy brand condoms are an economical way to stay safer while still enjoying colored, flavored or traditional condoms. Perfect for those on a budget, like college students and seniors, these condoms are all positively reviewed by our staff of condom testers in our Fantasy Condom Reviews.

The Kameleon line from Line One Labs contains unique dual and tri-color condoms for those holidays or special occasions when you’d like to jazz it up or dress up and let your freak flag fly high.

Impulse brand condoms may not have delight the taste buds like the Trustex products do, but they aren’t short on special features, either. Chock-full of affordable texture and color, the Impulse line is one of the better received lines by Line One Labs, as far as sales go. The jet black Impulse Midnight Orchid condom is our customer’s top choice for custom logo condoms and Impulse Bare Pleasure has made recently been voted into Condom Depot’s World’s Best Condoms List for the 6th consecutive year in a row. Read staff experiences with this brand’s products in our Impulse Condoms Reviews.

A Complete Brand Overview By Condom Depot


Impulse Plum Crazy Condoms

impulseplum (1)

You cannot argue with the majestic color of the Impulse Plum Crazy condom. A more vibrant purple condom, there is not.

On top of being the purple-est in all the land, Plum Crazy latex condoms are thin, have reservoir tip and have a slick water-based lubricant. These condoms offer a high level of sensitivity and durability, while simultaneously adding an element of fun to your bedroom activities.

Please note that these are colored condoms, not flavored condoms. Plum Crazy condoms do not have any added flavor or scent.

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Fantasy Assorted Flavors Condoms


This delicious assortment pack includes such scrumptious flavors such as: banana, strawberry, mint, chocolate, grape and vanilla. These tasty treats are sugar-free, reservoir tipped, have a water-based lubricant and are thin enough to feel every sensation.

Works great in conjunction with flavored lubricants as well, for an extra dose of flavor!

Unfortunately, we cannot honor specific flavor requests as these come in assorted batches.

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Line One Labs’ Product List:

Fantasy LubricatedFantasy Assorted ColorsFantasy Assorted Flavors
Kameleon Tri-ColorImpulse Plum CrazyImpulse Midnight Orchid
kameleon-triimpulseplum (1)CondomDepot-impulse-midnight-orchid
Impulse Pale RiderImpulse Bare PleasureTrustex Non-Lubricated
Trustex LubricatedTrustex Ribbed & StuddedTrustex Non-Lubricated Mint Flavored
Trustex Assorted ColorsTrustex Assorted Colors Non-LubricatedTrustex Assorted Flavors
trustexassortcol (1)trustexassocoldrytrustexassortflav
Trustex Assorted Flavors Non-LubricatedTrustex Banana FlavoredTrustex Chocolate Flavored
Trustex Cola FlavoredTrustex Dual Color- Orange & BlackTrustex Extra Strength
Trustex Extra Large Assorted Colors- LubricatedTrustex Extra LargeTrustex Extra Strength Assorted Colors- Lubricated
Trustex Extra Strength Flavored- LubricatedTrustex Grape FlavoredTrustex Mint Flavored
Trustex Strawberry FlavoredTrustex Vanilla FlavoredTrust Flavored Dental Dams
Trustex Aloe Water-based Lubricant Foil PacksTrustex Assorted Flavors Lubricant Foil PacksTrustex Banana Flavored Lubricant Foil Packs
Trustex Chocolate Flavored Lubricant Foil PacksTrustex Mint Flavored Lubricant Foil PacksTrustex Strawberry Flavored Lubricant Foil Packs
Trustex Vanilla Flavored Lubricant Foil Packs
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