Review: Inttimo by WET Kitty & Total Body Shave Kreme

In preparation for this review of Inttimo by WET Kitty & Total Body Shave Kreme, I went ahead and made a ritual out of it, putting on music while the shower warmed up, busting out a brand new three blade razor and lighting scented tea-light candles.

I was all set for my own personal hair holocaust. Begone, fuzzy wuzzies- hello smoothness! But, since I unabashedly love my Coochy Shave Creme so much, as you can see from my 4-star Shaving Cream Review, I was curious how this shaving cream by WET would stack up against the fierce competition.


REVIEWLOGO2This Forbidden Fruit scented shaving cream is intended for use on thick pubic hair, because it is formulated to soften the hair and make it easier for a razor to slice through. This wildberry kreme smells like a berry smoothie, but to my surprise, when examining what’s in it, I found it contains no berry extract whatsoever.

I was all excited about the first two ingredients– water and organic aloe leaf juice, but that quickly faded as I read on and saw sulfates, two kinds of parabens, glycerin, two kinds of perfume and two artificial colors. Jeez, WET! Way to take a good thing, like a shaving cream containing aloe, jojoba, shea butter and vitamin E and mix in a whole bunch of potentially hazardous chemicals just for fun.

At least it’s made in the USA and not tested on animals, but sheesh– warn a sista before throwing in wheat and oat extracts into a shaving cream, why don’t ya? Wheat and glycerin aren’t the best things for Kitty, despite what the incredibly long product name implies. Those who are gluten-free or avoiding sugars should steer clear of this yeast-feeding kreme, because no one wants that kind of wet kitty.

In a response to this mixed bag of ingredients, the bottle states in small print, “While this product is rash-free for most consumers, a small percentage may be sensitive to an ingredient.” I’ll say. I felt no protection from this cream after shaving, and the stinging sensation I felt in my armpits after applying deodorant was an indication of much-less-than-conditioned skin. And, que up the itchy bumps. Rash-free, my armpit! If this ain’t a rash, I don’t know what it is.

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Let’s discuss their 8oz. (236mL) bottle design. Why oh why (I’m looking at you, product engineers at Trigg) is this not a one-handed bottle? Think about it– slippery hands, one leg up on the side of the tub, holding a razor– what better time is there for a pump dispenser? None, I say! None! Instead, they made this kreme container in a squishy, gripless and extremely difficult to manage upside down style bottle, a bit like ketchup.

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Final Verdict:

It was better than using no shaving cream at all, but Inttimo by WET’s Kitty & Total Body Shave Kreme is certainly not the cream of the shaving cream crop. That position has already been filled, by a far superior pubic hair shaving solution, the paraben, glycerin, rash and sulfate-free Coochy Shave Creme.

Overall Rating: 2 Stars

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