Condom Pack Review: Trojan Platinum Pack

I’ve already busted my way through Trojan’s Gold Pack, now it’s time to go platinum with the Trojan Platinum Pack!


This box contains four different types of condoms: BareSkin, Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy, Charged, and Her Pleasure Ecstasy. The ten box which I sampled came with two of each of the BareSkin, Her Pleasure Ecstasy, and the Ultra-Ribbed Ecstasy, but the Charged has a whopping four condoms present and representing in this box. So I hope you’re charged up!

The description on our site lists this box as coming with the Fire and Ice condom, but that is no longer the case. We are working with IT to fix the description on our site.

Otherwise, these condoms are all very similar. Three have bulbed heads (Ultra-Ribbed, Her Pleasure Ecstasy, and Charged) which are great for uncircumcised penises. Two have reservoir tips (BareSkin and Charged). They all have a very mild latex scent and taste– unusual for Trojan. Their sizes are pretty unnoticeably close, too:

platinum size chart

For double platinum action, my partner and I paired them with WET Platinum silicone-based lubricant.



Out of the pack, the BareSkin is kind of the odd man out. It’s not ribbed and it doesn’t have a bulbed head, but it is one of Trojan’s thinner condoms.

This is my first time trying out one of Trojan’s BareSkin condoms. But as a fan of thinner condoms, I have to say that these were pretty impressive. I pulled one out next to the Her Pleasure Ecstasy and was alarmed that it seemed so much smaller. But man, did it stretch?

Remember, thinner condoms still pass the same FDA approvals as regular and extra-strength condoms. In the case of the BareSkin, I feel like being thinner makes them stretchier. It could be that the more latex is piled on top of itself, the less stretch it gets. Many latex toys, for instance, are nowhere near as stretchy as a latex condom. 

Also don’t mistake these for the BareSkin Non-Latex Supra, especially if your partner has a latex allergy. These condoms ARE latex.

Ultra-Ribbed Ecstasy


The only complaint my partner had about the Ultra-Ribbed Ecstasy was that they were a little on the thick side. I suppose just coming out of the BareSkin, that’s to be expected, but he wasn’t a fan of the condom for this reason.

The ribs on the front portion of this condom felt more pronounced than the ribs on the back of it. Which is great if you’re a rib lover. You will certainly get more out of this condom that the Her Pleasure Ecstasy, as mentioned below.



Don’t mistake these condoms for the Trojan Charged Orgasmic condoms. The former have a warming lubricant, whereas the regular Charged condoms (the ones found in this pack) have a lubricant that’s packed full of L-Arginine, maca, and ginger, which are supposed to help increase sensation and feeling in men and women alike.

The problem is that, as my partner found, there’s barely any of said lubricant on the inside of the condom, which means that the only time he came in contact with it was when he was putting the condom on– and then, he just got it all over his hands.

As for me, the increased sensation was not as powerful as using something like WET Wow Arousal Gel, or Liquid V for Women. If those are too powerful for you, give this condom a shot instead.

Her Pleasure Ecstasy


Can you please raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by Trojan’s naming conventions? I know I have. The Her Pleasure Ecstasy is just a complicated cipher for saying this condom has ribs (Her Pleasure) and has a bulbed-head (Ecstasy). However, it is not the Her Pleasure, which have a reservoir head.

I reviewed a condom very similar to this one in the Trojan Gold Pack— the Magnum Ecstasy. My partner likes the bigger heads on these condoms because they give his royal girthiness plenty of wiggle room. Of course, one thing that I really don’t understand about these condoms is the ribs. And no, this isn’t just me being a rib hater again.

The ribs on the Her Pleasure Ecstasy, as well as on the Magnum version, are towards the back of the condom. You would think that having them towards the front would make them easier to feel. In this case, the Ultra-Ribbed Ecstasy was favorable.


Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

I wasn’t super impressed with the offerings of the Trojan Platinum Pack, but I won’t be throwing away the extra condoms any time soon. If you’re interested in trying out condoms with a larger head size, this pack should round out some of the better options. And for the price? From Trojan, it can’t be beat. $10.99 for ten condoms.


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