Condom Depot’s 2014 Holiday Wish List

It’s Christmas Eve, and the safer sexperts here at Condom Depot have been making a list of what we want in the coming year. Want to check it out before Santa gets the final draft? Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we hope these things come to fruition sometime this year so everyone we know can have safer, healthier sex.


1. Comprehensive Sex Ed For All

And we do mean all! The lack of education for LGBTQ+ people is appalling, but when you consider the state of sex ed in the US right now, it’s not particularly surprising. Everyone needs better sex ed so they can stay happy and healthy in their relationships. Read about Kara’s sex ed experience, as well as my own.

2. Non-Lubricated, Non-Latex Condoms

We could go on for days about this, but why isn’t it a thing? If you have allergies to latex, chances are, you might also have allergies to lubes too. This is an untapped market, condom manufacturers! Get on it!

3. Better HPV Vaccination Regulations

HPV vaccination

Right now, folks over the age of 26 are being denied a vaccine that could potentially save lives. Plus, it’s been proven that the Gardasil vaccine doesn’t target the forms of HPV that are most dangerous for African-American women. New vaccines are in the work, and we really hope to see them soon!

4. For the FDA to Reconsider Their Stance on Condoms for Anal


This is a very personal bee in my bonnet. The FDA’s stance on condoms for anal sex hasn’t been revised since before I was born and it should be, because saying that condoms aren’t recommended for anal sex leads to people not having safe anal sex, when just knowing your correct size and adding some extra lubricant will make condoms perfectly viable. Check out our favorite condoms for anal sex in the meantime!

5. Smaller/Larger Condom Sizes


Currently, the FDA only has testing equipment for certain condom sizes, which is why you see that most condoms are pretty close in size. But what about for people who have penises that are larger or smaller than the average? We hate recommending finger cots and saran wrap! We want real condoms for our friends of all different sizes.

6. Silicone Condoms


They’re in the works, but there’s still no official release. The sexperts at Condom Depot can’t wait to get our hands on these amazing, hypoallergenic devices– particularly the first-ever condom that’s approved completely for anal sex.

7. Male Contraception


Is the world of hormonal contraception over? It could very well be! Most forms of male contraception currently in the works doesn’t involve hormones, and is considered to be safer than many forms of female hormonal contraception on the market. Why wasn’t this out years ago? Personally, I’m all about the Vasalgel.

8. Better Adult Toy Regulations


The world of adult toys is a giant mess right now. It can be difficult to tell what your toy is made of because sometimes, it’s hard to trust the manufacturers. When some materials are actually dangerous, we need better regulations for adult toys and we need them soon.

9. Herpes Vaccine Approval


Good news: it’s on the way! Bad news: it’s not here yet.

10. More Sex Positivity


Enough slut shaming. Enough bi erasure and lack of acceptance for asexual people. Sex positivity means accepting everyone’s sexuality for what it is (so long as it’s not hurting anyone without their consent), even if they don’t have a sexuality. We feel like we’re moving in the right direction, but we still feel like it’s going to be a long road.

What’s on your list? Let us know on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook and we’ll post our favorites!


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