Condom Depot’s Most Memorable Moments of 2014

Before our Safer Sexperts herald in the New Year by making it rain champagne and by causing a scene until the wee hours of 2015, we wanted to take some time out for retrospection, reflection and appreciation before gearing up for the upcoming year.

The Condom Depot Learning Center has undergone so many positive changes and improvements this year– we’ve gone mobile, made our site more user-friendly, created a sister blog, had a ton of visitors (thanks so much everyone!) and got some wonderful referrals from fantastic folks all around the web.

While we are more than ready to keep moving forward and begin creating even more easily-accessible, interesting, informative and sex positive material– we’d like to take a moment to be grateful and rehash our CDLC staff’s most memorable moments of 2014.

Potatoes in a Condom?

You know that we here at Condom Depot take condoms very seriously, and while we know that they’re a lot stronger than people seem to give them credit for (especially when they’re the right size and given ample lubrication), sometimes people get a little carried away with their stats and facts.

When we heard someone say that your average condom could hold over three bags of potatoes, we got a little skeptical. But while we were trying to decide the best way to put this to the test, we were beaten to the punch by a reader!

Our friend, Micah, decided he couldn’t wait on pokey Condom Depot staff to discover the truth for himself. And while he managed to fit a heck of a lot of potatoes into that condom, three bags was not quite plausible. Thanks again, Micah, for your unerring dedication to science!

Fishing for Condoms- Video Production

Ever fill a condom with fishing weights that you borrowed from your boyfriend’s dad? Have you shopped for a stuffed animal shaped like a fish that had to be the exact same length as a Trojan Magnum condom? Caught condoms in a fishing net? We did, all for the sake of a video condom review!


But, like condoms, we found that Kara also melts under extreme temperatures— as evidenced by the peppy start which was followed by increasingly sweaty, squinty and cranky footage of her under the hot set lights (which is no surprise considering her article about sex flush).

Sam, on the other hand, flawlessly voiced her lines with comedic gusto, zest and ample hand gestures, as seen below. Sadly, the project was scrapped (due to no fault of our own), but boy, it was a hoot to produce.


Making the Size Charts

Armed with every single condom, erection ring and vibrating ring in our vast Tampa Bay area warehouse, Kara meticulously hand-measured and recorded the data from each of these items over a period of some weeks.

Her toil was well worth it, as know we have these two comprehensive and exclusive size charts (with real measurements in plain old inches and mm– and not filled with false manufacturer’s specs or crazy alphanumeric codes like other companies have. No, we don’t know what size J-1 is, sorry).

Check them out!


Her trash bin by her desk was literally overflowing with condom wrappers, her desk was covered in dildos and her hands became so over-lubed from handling hundreds of condoms, she nearly lost grip of her steering wheel while busting a u-ey on the way home from work.


The results? She now keeps a box of Ansell gloves on her desk, to keep her hands dry, at all times. That’s a lasting impression.

Mrs. Pringles

Sam had long heard of homemade sex toys, and one day decided that it was time to take the plunge. You know, for science.

She found some plans online for fifi, and, expecting a rather low-quality, fake, cardboard pocket pussy, instead made a life-long friend. Who was later dismantled for her greatly desired sponges.



Mrs. Pringles was assembled from the finest of Pringle cans (jalapeno, of course), a hair tie, some nitrile gloves, socks, and sponges. She lived a long and luxurious life on Sam’s desk at the Condom Depot offices, even surviving multiple fistings when Sam was frustrated with her daily Tumblr questions.

Of lesser renown (and affection) was Mrs. Pringles’ partner, Mr. Freeze, who had to be tossed out when Sam’s dad came to visit. He was always a little cold though.

Burnt by Trojan Fire & Ice

Despite the outcries from across the globe concerning our Consumer Alert, no one was more shocked about a seemingly benign and harmless condom causing pain and stripping off enamel nail polish than Kara was. Phone calls to the owners of Condom Depot and research into prior complaints to the FDA were immediately put into motion.


Meanwhile, as mystery ingredients continued burned her now de-manicured hands, Kara managed to type up and post her disturbing findings on this painful lubrication made by Church & Dwight. After publication, follow-up articles from other sources soon popped up as well.

The Wet WoW Frozen Peas Incident

WET WoW clitoral stimulating gel was one of the first products that Sam got to review for Condom Depot this year, and it’s the one that made the most lasting impression. Having no experience with enhancement gel, the tiniest bit applied sent Sam squirming to the freezer for a bag of peas to shove up her cooch.


Sensitive skin and enhancement gels, it turns out, do not mix. While WET WoW became a favorite of Sam’s partner (because it makes for excellent hand jobs, and even improves the sensitivity inside of a latex condom), she has decided to pass on such products in the future. Because the burning oh god the burning.

World’s Best Condoms 2015 Press Release / Interview with Men’s Health

Working together, Sam, Kara, and Condom Depot owner and president John Fidi, wrote and released a press release (read it here) in mid-December about our 15th annual World’s Best Condoms List. This 2015 list contains our ten best condoms, plus samples of our best lubes. How did we determine the winners? They were picked by compiling numbers from Official Condom Testing Teams, sales stats, customer ratings and staff reviews.


Upon the release of this news, Kara was contacted by the world famous Men’s Health magazine for an interview regarding our 2015 World’s Best Condoms Awards. Though she was nervous, Kara was flattered and very happy to talk with Stephanie Bradford, a Men’s Health copy contributor, about one of her all-time favorite topics– safer sex.


After a few hours on the phone and many emails, the article was published in Men’s Health Online on 12/20/2014, and was a major boon to all the hard work we’ve put in over the past year. Read the full Men’s Health article entitled, ‘The Best Way to Wrap Your Package for the Holidays’ by clicking here.

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