Condom Depot’s Even Safer, Sexier, Six-ier New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

I had the immense pleasure of writing ‘Condom Depot’s Seven Sexy New Years Resolutions‘ last year when I was just starting my tenure here at The Condom Depot Learning Center. But now that I’ve been here for a year, I’m finding that our resolutions haven’t changed much in the past year. Instead, they’ve expanded.


We’re going into 2015 more knowledgeable, safer, more communicative, adventurous, and with more excitement than we went into 2014. And here are our updated New Year’s Resolutions to prove it.

1. I will continue to be safe.


We’ve seen a lot of expansion in the way of safety this year. New HPV and HSV (herpes) vaccines are being researched that will provide better protection for all people, including those who are over the age of 26 and African-American women. Meanwhile, feel free to check out our condom size chart to find out what the best (and safest) condom for you/your partner is. Check out our holiday wish list for ideas about how the future of safer sex could change this year!

2. I will continue to get educated.

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The Condom Depot Learning Center has been on the up-and-up all year for getting you the best information about sexual health as quickly and succinctly as possible. We’ve revamped our social media posting process, we’ve cleaned up our search bar, we’ve made our blog mobile-friendly, and we’re continuing to post the latest and greatest in sexual health news. In 2015, we hope to be the go-to source for the word on sexual health. Knowledge is something that’s constantly evolving and we’re going to be right there as it does.

3. I will continue to not be afraid of asking questions.


Our friends on Tumblr were not afraid of asking questions this year! We began to post our Monthly Reader Questions round up back in June and we’re not stopping any time soon! Let’s continue that tradition in the future: our Ask Box on Tumblr is always open, but you can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter, and even our Ask Form on this website. Ask away! We’re always happy to answer.

4. I will continue to communicate with my partner.


Like knowledge, communication is always important and will always continue to evolve between you and your partner(s). Keep the lines open this year by sharing what you want, expecting to be safe, and keeping on the same page about expectations and safety within your relationship.

5. I will continue to be adventurous.


This year, we launched our sister blog, Spicy Gear, to help people find what they really love. And boy, has it exploded! With articles about pegging, temperature play, double penetration, and many more, we hope that you’ve found something adventurous to try on there this year, and we know we will continue to discover and write about more fun things in the coming year.

6. I will make 2015 the most fun year ever.


We’ve had so much fun with our readers this year, and we hope that you have too–on our blog or in the bedroom. Remember, fun and intimacy is at the heart of what we do here. We hope that 2015 is more fun and safer than any year previously! Share something that you’ve learned about sexual health, fun, or relationships this year that you didn’t know and we’ll post our favorites!

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