Semen: The Other Other White Meat?

We’ve talked about people eating cum-laden Eucharists for spiritual purposes and about cucks slurping up their hot wives’ creampies, but what are the nutritional contents of semen and the benefits and hazards of swallowing male ejaculate? Let’s learn more about this sex act known as spermophagia!

Even in the days of ancient Greece, drinking sperm was a topic that required a philosophical frame of mind. Aristotle himself was quoted as saying, “Sperms are the excretion of our food, or to put it more clearly, as the most perfect component of our food.”

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Of course, back then sperm and semen weren’t known to be separate substances. Male ejaculate is comprised of a mere 5-10% sperm, with an alkaline and protein-packed solution secreted from the prostate gland (which combats the acidity of the vaginal canal, hence protecting the sperm while it travels to the egg) and mucus from the Cowper’s gland accounting for the majority of ejaculate’s volume (average of 3.4ml per orgasm).

Additionally, the seminal vesicles contribute to this sticky love chum by adding in amino acids to the mix. The seminal vesicles produce a thick white secretion that is rich in sugars and salts; which act as a fuel for the sperm to reach an egg. This is ultimately the visual bulk of the semen by volume.


Probably not what Dannon yogurt meant by this…

According to Dr. Laura Berman, trace amounts of the following are also present and accounted for in semen: water, sugars, zinc, calcium, vitamin B12, calcium, cholesterol, citric acid, creatine, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, enzymes, testosterone, nitrogen, lactic acid, urea and uric acid.

So now that we know the overall makeup, what exactly is the nutritional content of semen, anyways?

  • 5-20 calories
  • 150 mg of protein
  • 11 mg of carbohydrates
  • 6 mg fat
  • 3 mg cholesterol
  • 7% US RDA potassium
  • 3% US RDA copper
  • 3% US RDA zinc

Many modern cultures eat semen from other species as a delicacy. Semen from fish is known as soft roe or milt, (as opposed to the hard roe which are female eggs, like caviar) in Japan as shirako or, “white children,” in Hungary as haltej or, “fish milk” in Russia as moloka and in Italy as lattume and in Romania as lapti. Similarly, here in the States, we have the traditional fare of mowing down on fried bull, pig or sheep testicles, which we call Rocky Mountain oysters. In all of these cases, eating semen is thought to have an aphrodisiac effect.


Soft roe a.k.a. milt

And, a few eat human sperm as part of their traditions as well. The young males of the Sambia and Etoro peoples of Papua New Guinea gulp down semen from older, revered and manly men as a way to pass their strength and powers down to the future tribe leaders.

But what makes tasting and ingesting human semen so appealing? For some it’s the closeness they feel to their partner through this fluid bond. You’re literally drinking them in. But, without using a flavored condom, are the risks really worth it? After all, even in a monogamous relationship it takes an awful lot of trust in their STD/STI status disclosure.

Following Paul ‘Fotie’ Photenhauer’s controversial semen-filled kitchen guides, both of which were published in the last seven years, and the launch of his Cooking With Cum website, semen eating/drinking has become a hot topic in the sex positive world. This up and cumming author’s creations: Semenology – The Semen Bartender’s Handbook Paperback and Natural Harvest: A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes both tote the deliciousness and seemingly harmlessness of ingesting semen.

First of all, I see the novelty and intrinsic shock-value attached to this idea, sure. But, semonology is a real scientific endeavor, and not something to be slapped onto the cover of a paperback book about making skeet and sour cocktail mix (this recipe isn’t really in the book, but I couldn’t resist). Labs full of highly educated people dedicate their professional lives to andrology, the medical specialty that deals with the male reproductive system and semonology, the scientific study of semen.

Secondly, as someone who sees the CDC stats on oral sex and as someone who knows a lot of people who have contracted STDs/STIs this way, I find Fotie to be quite socially irresponsible in this quest to spread this mouthfuls-of-semen-are-good-for-you mentality, no matter how tempting participating in a bukkake may be.

Sure, it won’t get anybody pregnant, but HPV alone is responsible for 36% of oral, throat and larynx cancer cases in women (all of who perform unprotected oral sex on men) and male HPV carriers have no means of testing for HPV and have no symptoms. Not to mention other possible contagions like herpes, lyme disease, Ebola and chlamydia. Even if semen is cold before the individual ingests it, viruses can stay active for a long period of time once outside the body. Yum.

Young woman sitting at poolside with cocktail

Does this mean you’ll find me sipping splooge pool-side anytime soon? Absolutely not. Does this mean I hate semen, find it to be gross or dislike blow jobs? Again, absolutely not. There are ways to get around the risk, hence, my previous articles on the “Top 10 Products for Fun and Fearless Fellatio,” and “Fellatio Tips, Tricks and Techniques!”

But is ingesting semen more inherently dangerous than unprotected fellatio without internal ejaculation? Yes. Bleeding gums, gingivitis, recent flossing, and open sores in the mouth are all passageways for semen to enter into the bloodstream, instead of going directly into stomach acid-town.

But, good ol’ Fortie ain’t the only one dishing up the benefits of guzzling jizz. Bio-Psychologist Gordon G. Gallup, Jr from the University of Albany is a sort of mad semen scientist, shouting its alleged awesome powers from the rooftops and seems to be advocating that unprotected sex leads to better cognitive behaviors and mood in women. Get ahold of yourself there, Gordon Jr. That’s what consensual sex does, in general. A thin piece of latex won’t stop me from being happy after sex, or from thinking clearly– but catching an STI sure will.


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Nonetheless, while he can’t seem to spell renowned correctly, Gallup also somehow managed to complete studies on female infertility as it relates to sperm allergies. The conclusion? Swallowing sperm while pregnant may reduce the likelihood of preeclampsia and miscarriages, as the introduction of the sperm into the system creates a sort of immunity or tolerances to the antibodies, like weekly allergy shots.

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