Condom Review: Trojan Ultra Thin

Oh Trojan, how I love to hate thee. I feel so deceived by the illusion of safety provided by the Trojan Ultra Thin and while holding shreds of this broken latex condom in my hand, I can’t help but think of their parent company‘s other top-selling product– First Response Pregnancy Tests.

Seriously though, I don’t despise all Trojan brand products, as can be seen in my highly complimentary review of the Trojan Hot Spot vibrating ring. But, the Trojan Ultra Thin is the worst. For reals. It could even be worse than Trojan Fire & Ice condoms, but that’s debatable.


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After opening the retail packaging, my initial impressions of the Trojan Ultra Thin condom are as follows: it’s expensive (currently $2.99 for a 3 pack), it’s ultra-dry, it’s flimsy, it smells like my grandmother’s medicine cabinet, and it’s difficult to unroll. What’s to like? Not much.

After the condom popping incident, I then had to worry about two things: unwanted pregnancy and STDs/STIs. Great. Ultra nervously waiting around at the free clinic is wearing my patience thin, Trojan. Furthermore, having enough anxiety over this incident may destroy my appetite enough to make me Ultra Thin.

I did everything right:

  • Condom doesn’t expire until 04/2019. Check.
  • Condom was stored away from sharp objects in room temperature. Check.
  • Condom is correct size (8” x 4” circumference or 203.2mm x 101.6mm). Check.
  • Additional condom-safe lubricant added. Check.
  • Pinched reservoir tip to remove air while unrolling down the shaft. Check.

And despite of it all:

  • Condom popping as loudly as an amateur balloon animal artist’s first day on the job? Check.

Sigh. And, sadly it’s not just me. After furiously reading customer reviews in order to make sense of this broken condom anomaly, I quickly realized these are the classic love them or hate them kind of condom. With most reviews having either one star (they always break) or five stars (these are the best ever!), these bipolar condoms aren’t nearly reliable enough for someone like me who is single and looking to reduce risk.

Some folks tote on and on about their amazing sensitivity, while others cautiously warn others that nearly their entire box of them broke. Ordinarily, FDA-approved condoms only fail due to user error. Obviously I can’t confirm how these people handled or used their Trojan Ultra Thins, but I am confident I did everything by the books– and still had a very unfortunate result.


Overall Rating: 1 Star

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a sensitive condom, and thinking of trying Trojan Ultra Thins, be aware of their tendency to break. Use lots of additional condom-safe lube or try the far superior and same-sized LifeStyles SKYN or Fantasy Lubricated condoms instead.

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

stars-5“I love this condom! It gives a sensation that you don’t really feel with other condoms. I put a little lube in the reservoir tip , a few strokes, and it suctions on and seems as if it isn’t even there. My favorite condom. ^_^” Nick J. – Fort Worth

stars-1 “not enough lube, broke every time, scared to use rest of package. definitely getting a different kind next time.” plum – toronto

stars-5“these work very well, very sensitive and have not broke for us, maybe the person that wrote the review should learn to install one properly and or use lube. Highly recommended product!” jake – FARIBAULT MN

 stars-1“I second what others have said — they are flimsy and unreliable. Broke twice upon use once, when they were used correctly. I would not recommend these — BUYER BEWARE!” John Doe – New England, USA

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