Condom Pack Review: LifeStyles SKYN Selection

I really couldn’t wait to try out our latest addition to the non-latex line, and I was one eager beaver when I heard that we were getting in the LifeStyles SKYN Selection Pack.


Polyisoprene has long been a favorite condom material of mine. It’s very similar to latex, in fact, chemically, they’re nearly exactly the same. But it feels softer and more intimate. It also doesn’t have the same proteins that cause allergic reactions, which qualifies these condoms as hypoallergenic.

In fact, there really hasn’t been a lot of options in terms of non-latex condoms. Oh sure, the FC2 is made of super soft, non-latex nitrile. And the Trojan NaturaLamb has a thinness and warmth that rivals even the Crown Skinless Skin (in the humble opinion of yours truly). But where’s the studs? Where’s the extra lube? LifeStyles brand saw that market open up and the took the initiative. Good for them, but even better for you and me.

Now, our website’s description can be a little confusing. But we sell a box which contains ten condoms and another one which contains three. I went out to our warehouse to double check the boxes themselves because I wasn’t exactly sure.

The box of ten has four Original SKYNs, four Extra-Lubricated SKYNs, and two Intense Feel SKYNs. The box of three has one of each.

All three condoms are of very similar sizes, with the Original SKYN being the largest in terms of length and girth by just a hair.


And all three are traditional-fit with a reservoir tip, have a silicone-based lube, are FDA-approved and toy-safe. But none of these condoms should be used with an oil-based lube. Polyisoprene may be non-latex, but it is not oil-safe.

Original SKYNs


These are the same old SKYNs that you know and love. They were the first ones of the ever popular polyisoprene line to come out and have been our best selling non-latex condom ever since. Read a review of the Original SKYNs by one of our safer sex experts, and consider purchasing the LifeStyles SKYN on their own as well if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of the other two.

Extra-Lubricated SKYNs


When you always add your own lube to condoms anyway, what’s the point of having them come extra-lubricated? Still, I love the silicone-based lube on all of LifeStyles’ condoms, so having even more is always a bonus. These are the only of the three that we currently don’t sell on their own, so if you want them, this pack is the only way you’re gonna get ’em. Now how about some non-latex, non-lubricated condoms, LifeStyles?

Intense Feel SKYNs


The studs on this condom are set in waves around the condom, so you not only get the crazy stimulation of the studs, but there’s also an interesting texture to them just in the way that they are laid out. These baby-preventing babies are also sold in pack all on their own, so check out the normal boxes of the Intense Feel SKYN too.

The only thing I wish this box carried would the the SKYN Larges. I’m a huge fan of them, and so is my partner. For him, they provide the same comfort and thinness of the Original SKYNs, but are far more accommodating of his girth.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

LifeStyles SKYN Selection Pack is a great starter for someone who is just exploring the world of non-latex condoms. I hope, too, that it will be leading us into a new generation of more selection for those who can’t use latex.


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