Condom Pack Review: LifeStyles Passion Pack

While I might not be the best tester when it comes to textured condoms, the LifeStyles Passion Pack packed some punch here and there.


I’m really not into the whole Ribbed for Her Pleasure thing. I’ve even written an article about how I think ribs and studs on a condom are a giant, and very problematic gimmick, which is why I was stunned to find the LifeStyles Passion Pack on my review list for this week. “Alright, time to really take them to task!”

The LifeStyles Passion Pack comes with three different condoms in it: the 3Sum, the Everlast, and the Vibra-Ribbed. They’re all very, very similar in terms of size (as you can see below), and all have some form of texture on them, which makes this a great pack if you don’t know what sort of texture you or your partner prefers. Don’t like ribs? There’s a studded condom. Don’t like studs? There’s a ribbed one. Like ’em both? There’s one with both!


Anyway, here’s my complete breakdown:



Kara was a big fan of the 3Sum in her review. She agreed that it was one of the best textured condoms on the market for those without a lot to spare in the girth department. With a silicone-based lube and a slightly bulbed head, I’d have to agree. It was certainly my favorite of the box. The 3Sum is unique from the other two in that it has a bulb-shaped head, which makes it extra-roomy for uncircumcised penises. It also has some ribs on the head, which means it’s more likely your partner will feel those ribs. For once.



The Everlast was interesting because a lot of these delay (or Climax Control condoms, as we call them) have the numbing agent on both the inside and outside of the condom. The Everlast, much like the Durex Performax Intense, does not. There is a very light lube on the outside, but it’s almost unnoticeable, so make sure you add something of your own before plunging in.

It was  lube-ier on the inside, and man does that lube work fast. Make sure you get it on as quickly as possible, otherwise you may miss your window. The numbness this lube causes is significantly lighter than other lidocaine and benzocaine lubes, so don’t expect too much, and feel free to add your own. Something like Analyse Me! Spray and Comfort Glide might be made for use in the anus, but it would work for the same purpose.


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.48.23 PM

The name of this condom may give you the impression that you’re in for a bumpy road, but don’t get too excited. While it may have a bunch of ribs, they’re super small. So they don’t really feel like… anything. I didn’t know if this was just my hated of ribs that made me feel this way, so I actually took a condom out of the wrapper just to play around with it. Nope. Especially when stretched, you can’t feel these ribs. At all. It feels just like a normal condom.


Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

Don’t get turned away from the LifeStyles Passion Pack just because it didn’t really do much for me. While the condoms don’t really do what they’re advertised, they’re still excellent condoms. They get the job done, and they feel pretty good doing it. Just don’t expect anything more than that.


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