Condom Review: LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel

With a matte, metallic-red wrapper indicative of what you’d find covering a chocolate covered cherry from Godiva, the new non-latex LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel are truly a cut above other condoms… but one mystery remains. What size are they really?



Before I begin my condom review, I must warn you about troublesome and incorrect information on this condom’s wrapper.

To keep you safe and prevent any skin-to-skin contact from a too small condom breaking— I feel obligated to issue a serious size warning in regards to the LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel condoms. Both the official Ansell webpage and the back of the condom wrapper state that this condom has a nominal width of 53mm.

This simply is not the case. These condom measurements are false. Figures. For once, condom manufacturers actually list a size on the packaging for customers to see… and it’s wrong. Awesome job, Ansell.

I checked, re-checked and triple-checked. I measured three different condoms with two different tape measures. Nope, still not even close to being a 53mm width.

The REAL measurements of this condom are 7.87” x 2” or 199.89mm x 50.8mm. This translates into a circumference difference of 4″ (actual circumference size) and 4.25″ (false circumference stated size by manufacturer).

Feel free to check them yourself or to browse through all of our in-house measured condoms on our Condom Size Chart.


Now that you’ve gotten the SKYNNY on size, it’s on to the fun stuff!

Thoughts focused intensely on nothing but SKYN and bones? I feel ya. The libido is intense with this one. But, with a lack of any partners to participate in this trial with me, I had to go at it solo-style like nobody’s business with the new kid in one of my all-time favorite safer sex product lineups, SKYN condoms.

Having no studded dildos of my own to play with, I knew the SKYN Intense Feel would provide me the studliness I was after, without the exorbitant stud fee you’d expect from such top of the line condoms. I snagged a ten pack of these for under $10.

So, it was just me and my new fancy condom setting out to the realm of pleasure, two-by-two. With my trusty Astroglide X and a skin flick (or a SKYN FLYCK as LifeStyles would most likely dub it), my SKYN Intense Feel and I set out to transform my plain Jane glass dong into a textured treat.

And whew, can this see-through condom stretch! I had no trouble stretching it all the way over my 9” insertable and tying a knot in the end to secure it in place. Although it comes already pre-slathered in vagina-friendly silicone-based lube, I’m an extremist when it comes to moisture, so I added a dollop of Astroglide X to ease the friction of the 500+ chevron patterned studs on this sucker.

Remember, while these are not made from latex, oil-based lubes will still damage them. Stick with water or silicone-based lubes for safety.

The super noticeable temperature transfer was surprising at first. I could feel the coolness of the glass as if there wasn’t a barrier in between us at all. Yes! And the raised bumps? While much smaller and not as effective on my own personal inner anatomy as the studded LifeStyles Fun Bumps condoms, the juxtaposition of the incredibly silky and smooth portion of the condom and the almost-alarmingly bumpy tiny blips were certainly worth savoring.

In fact, I am even planning on adding them to my ‘Best Textured Condoms‘ list! Feels!

These ultra-textured, low odor polyisoprene condoms are also available in a new non-latex pack from LifeStyles brand called SKYN Selection, along with regular SKYNs and SKYN Ultra Lubed condoms. Read Sam’s review of this new Selection of SKYN of condoms here! And, learn more about different condom materials, like polyisoprene, here!

skynintensefeelpromoOverall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

Don’t be a jive sucka, gimme some SKYN! All condom size discrepancy angst aside, these textured, temperature-transferring and lusciously lubricated LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel condoms fill a non-latex niche that’s been aching for satisfaction.

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