Condom Depot Sampler Review: Valentine’s Box of Love

If you ♥ feeling their warm legs wrapped around you and your latex-wrapped willie, but you hate wrapping gifts as much as I do (don’t even get me started on the wastefulness and futility of tissue paper)– this sounds like a job for the Valentine’s Box of Love! No wrapping required!


REVIEWLOGO2Saturday, February 14th, 2016. Like it or not, it’s hastening ever nearer and nearer. If you’re like me, it’s time to start thinking about stuffed animals, candy, flowers, candlelight and… completely rocking your sexual partner’s world with some rough and/or romantic sex.

Been dying to give them a dick in a box? Want them to brag to their friends about the bang-up job you did on this year’s gift? Hey, that’s what we all want. Shake off the hum drum relationship routine with this versatile Valentine’s Box of Love which will bring out the virility in you and the vixen in her.

Looking to increase your lust for life at a double-take price? This year you can rev up the racy romance for less than the price of a tank of gas: $22.00. I literally checked it twice, thinking it had been mistakenly underpriced by IT. Compare this to the significantly higher cost of making this set yourself, which runs around $33.00. 

With everything you need for rambunctious, hardcore action and for sweet and tender love-making, the 2016 Box of Love truly has it all. Slurp up their sweet syrup during oral with LifeStyles Strawberry Flavored condoms, give him a hot handy with some Wet Warming lube, get your anal on with a silicone-lubed Caution Wear Black Ice and a packet of Pjur Original BodyGlide or pound that pussy out right with a Crown Skinless Skin. The possibilities are as endless as your sexual desires. 

The key to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, but the key to the ladies’ hearts? The clitoris. I’m so glad Condom Depot’s signature Vibrating Johnny erection ring was included in this holiday condom gift set for couples. Vibrating rings rule because the bullet worn can be upwards towards the face or towards towards the toes depending on the position: missionary or doggie style. Shimmy, shimmy shake! Squirt! Read up on ‘Coital Alignment Technique’ for even more clitoral-pleasing position ideas.

The only things I would change about the box would be an inclusion of a non-latex condom like the Durex Real Feel and a more vagina-friendly lube samples like Blossom Organics, instead of the Wet Warming lube which contains things that sensitive and yeast-prone vaginas may negatively react to. Everything else about it far surpassed my high safer sexpectations. 


Tired of the tease and wondering exactly what’s in this lovely little box? Here is a full breakdown of its contents. Simply click on the product’s name for staff reviews and more detailed information!

Latex Condoms (20 in total):

Crown Skinless Skin
Beyond Seven Sheerlon
LifeStyles THYN
LifeStyles KYNG
LifeStyles Pleasure Shaped
LifeStyles Strawberry Flavored
Durex Extra Sensitive
Durex Pleasuremax
Durex Enhanced Pleasure
Caution Wear Black Ice

Condom-Safe Sexessories (5 in total):

Pjur Original BodyGlide (single use, vagina and anal-friendly silicone-based lubricants)
Wet Warming (single use, warming water-based lubricants)
Vibrating Johnny (single use, silicone erection/vibrating ring)


How my 5″ x 5.5″ Valentine’s Box of Love looked upon arrival. Even sweeter than a Whitman’s Sampler!

I also found that these sturdy ‘n purdy, assorted decorative heart-shaped boxes are great for upcycling and repurposing. Once the condoms are all used up, I plan on storing my lip gloss collection in it, but it’d also make a great craft box, small sex toy/battery storage place, or jewelry box.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

This year, give ‘em the gift of ‘gasms. The sheer convenience, cost, cuteness and practicality of Condom Depot’s exclusive Valentine’s Box of Love makes this seriously sexy boxed set super simple to give.

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