Condom Review: LifeStyles Turbo

My partner and I have combated the lack of sensitivity while wearing a condom problem with plenty of products. But the LifeStyles Turbo is a new and exciting option that does exactly what we want it to.


The LifeStyles Turbo come dripping with lube. At first, I was a little concerned that I had unrolled it in the incorrect direction, because seriously, it dripped silicone-based lube everywhere. Which, although it has a tendency to stain, I am still absolutely OK with. The more lube the better.

Also, I thought that this was similar to the LifeStyles Everlast Intense where only the inside part of the condom was lubed with the special lube. That is not the case, as I found out very quickly. Now, both partners get to have their engines revved up to maximum speed. If you want to talk about Her Pleasure condoms, start with something like this. Not texture.

Previously, my partner and I have tried using both WET wOw and Swiss Navy 2-in-1 His & Hers on the inside of a condom to enhance the feeling for him, when not using our favorite, Trojan NaturaLambs. We’ve had a lot of success with doing this– instead of worrying about thinner and thinner condoms, we can instead focus on pleasing him from the inside.


Sometimes though, these excitement gels can feel a little too much for him. They make his enjoyment very acute and very, very sensitive, which he doesn’t always need.

The lube on the natural latex-colored LifeStyles Turbo provides a nice medium point. It made him extra-sensitive down below, but not to the point where it was uncomfortable. Every little friction or move was intensified and that’s precisely what you need when you have a latex barrier between you.

Now, I have had a very unpleasant experience with WET wOw, so I am super cautious about trying those gels on myself. It made me especially nervous to try these condoms. However, I also found them to be milder and more comfortable. It was more of a slow, rising excitement than the sharp, painful, sudden pleasure of the WET wOw. The only shame is that I have no idea what is in this lube– it’d be nice for condoms to start carrying an ingredient list on their back, like lubes. Right?

I don’t have the exact specifications on the thinness of this condom, but as someone who is constantly touching and comparing condoms, it does feel thinner than the average latex condom. It has a slightly flared head and a reservoir tip, and sits at 7.87″ (199.89mm) x 1.8″ (47.63mm).

If I have one complaint for this condom, it’s that when finished, the lube did feel a little sticky. Our rep from LifeStyles assured us that all LifeStyles condoms come with a silicone-based lube, so I wonder if there’s something about the ExciteGel that makes it feel this way. Still, it’s nothing a little WET Naturals Silky Supreme can’t fix.

And for double the turbo, pair this condom with with our super-skinny Turbo Glider vibe!


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

I was pretty shocked by how much I liked the LifeStyles Turbos. The lube did pretty much exactly what it said that it would do, which is kind of a shock compared to the LifeStyles Everlast I reviewed last week, and the condom itself wasn’t half bad either.

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