Best Non-Latex Condoms

Are you or your sexual partner allergic to latex? That’s OK! You can still stay safe with these cream of the crop, best non-latex condoms. Read on to learn more!


According to the Center for Disease Control, latex allergies affect approximately 8% of the general population. In the healthcare industry, this statistic is even higher at 12%. How come? Overexposure to latex (wearing latex gloves all the time) can cause a histamine reaction to the material to develop, leaving you with a rash, hives, itchiness, swelling and labored breathing.

Diagnosing the Allergy

This being said, it’s also very common for a lubricant ingredient to be the real culprit in creating an allergy attack, especially spermicide or capsaicin. A professional can test you to see if you’re allergic to latex or if it’s actually being triggered by something else entirely– like lube.


If you can’t make it to a doctor, you can do an at-home test. Try putting on powder-free latex gloves or wearing a latex Band Aid (make sure it is made from real latex, and not a latex substitute like PVC) for a half hour or more and see if a reaction occurs.

All-in-One Sets

If buying every kind of non-latex condom seems like an expensive mission and you’d rather try them all out in one swoop, check out the Condom Depot Non-Latex Sampler. It’s got a variety of non-latex condoms for you to experiment with and eliminates the hassle of making individual condom purchases. Read a staff review of the Non-Latex Sampler here!


And, just recently, LifeStyles brand also released the new LifeStyles SKYN Selection. This compilation of non-latex condoms includes four of each of the LifeStyles SKYN and LifeStyles SKYN Extra Lubricated condoms and two LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel condoms. Read a staff review of the SKYN Selection here!

Intentional Omission

You may have noticed that I left the Trojan NaturaLamb, which is Sam’s (my fellow safer-sex enthusiast) favorite non-latex condom, off of this list. Why? They do not offer protection against STDs and STIs, only against unwanted pregnancies. Lambskin condoms have pores which allow the passage of viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus. Therefore, I do not find them to be a true means of barrier protection, as they only act as a contraceptive.

Best Non-Latex Condoms Countdown:

Here they are, the shining stars of the non-latex condom world!

6. Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra


Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra condoms let Trojan brand condom fans participate in the non-latex realm of thrusting. While they’re noticeably better smelling and thinner than other Trojans, these condoms do harbor a major weakness– you cannot add any type of additional lubricants to them without degrading the material. Seriously. If you want your condom to stay intact, don’t do it. This means natural lubrication only, folks (so these are NOT anal sex friendly). Read a Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra review here!

5. Durex Real Feel


Ideal for those who rely on snugger fit condoms for protection against condom slippage, but need a non-latex condom, the Durex Real Feel is your best bet, as it’s the snuggest one in the bunch with a 3.88″ (98.42mm) circumference. Read a Durex Real Feel review here

4. LifeStyles SKYN Large



Adored by both the non-latex and no-latex-odor loving community, the super stretchy LifeStyles SKYN Large condoms offer a soft-as-skin feeling for those with more skin to cover. Unlike other brands (ahem, Kimono– whose MicroThin Large condoms are smaller than their regular MicroThins) their large size really is larger than the regular SKYNs. This makes them a shoo-in for those who like the larger fit of the aforementioned NaturaLambs, but want protection against STDs/STIs. Read a LifeStyles SKYN Large review here!

3. FC2


The FC2 insertable condom provides a solid and safe solution for so many traditional male condom problems: latex allergies, spontaneous sex, male condom size issues, anal sex and they’re also ideal in the event that the penetrating partner doesn’t want to wear a condom. Read an FC2 review here and learn how to use a female condom here!

2. LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel


The silicone-lubricated LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel condoms are the first textured polyisoprene condom to hit the market. They have zig-zag patterns of over 500 studs along the shaft, creating a new stimulating and exciting sensations for the receiving partner. Read my LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel review here!

1. LifeStyles SKYN


This isn’t the first time SKYNs have hit the number one spot. Still my all time fav after all these years, the original LifeStyles SKYN is an unbeatable option in the non-latex scene. Silicone-lube, see-through material, incredible softness and smoothness and no condom smell. Try them once and these will become your go-to condom. Read a LifeStyles SKYN review here!

Source: [CDC]

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