Condom Review: LifeStyles THINZ Extreme

Straight-fitting, latex LifeStyles THINZ Extreme condoms are advertised as being super sensitive, stretchy, natural feeling and as having a low latex odor and a long-lasting UltraGlide lubricant. Sounds great, right? But is this actually the case?

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Settle on in and let’s talk latex. From first contact, I could tell this condom’s material was of superior quality.

Yes, it’s thin enough to allow a lot of body heat pass through- but it also felt quite durable and had a tactile feeling which was surprisingly similar to human skin. They’re definitely thinner than other LifeStyles condoms, but they don’t even compare to the thinness of the Okamoto 0.04 condoms.

But what about their other claims concerning lack of scent and stretchiness of the latex? Well, they smell like a pair of new galoshes and I absolutely did not find the latex to be extremely elastic in nature. So, those attributes are a bust in my book.

Sheer Genius

My favorite characteristic of the THINZ Extremes? It’s their extreme sheerness. Somehow they left this arousing quality out of their ad campaign. Every mesmerizing vein, ridge, hue and bump will be fully visible, even when he is fully cloaked. So, for those who prefer the look of an unprotected penis, these nearly clear condoms let you see the all the intimate details of the glorious erection you crave, all while staying safer.


“Paging Dr. Lube, We Have a Code Dry.”

Repeat. We have a code dry. Had there been any UltraGlide lube on this condom, I’d gladly tell you all about it. You call this long-lasting? How about non-existent!

Good thing I still had some WET Together couples lubricant left over from a lube review I did in the past. Without it, using this ashy, powdery condom straight from the wrapper is a microtear waiting to happen– either in the condom itself or in walls of the receptive vaginal or anal canal. Yikes!

The Name Game a.k.a. THINZ THINZ bo BINZ

Yo, LifeStyles! Could ya make the condom name any more confusing? Your chrome and metallic green box says: “LifeStyles THINZ Extreme.” Yet, the back of the bright yellow condom wrapper says, “THINZ ULTRA THIN/MINCES.”

Awesome. Way to stay consistent, guys. And, by the way, we all appreciate the French language thrown in there for good measure. Clears thing right up. Not! For all of us who don’t know French, minces translates into English as thin. These French/English wrappers must’ve been made to fit Canada’s bilingual condom wrapper standards.

USA and Canada.

Plus, the name THINZ Extreme is already awfully darn close to some of their other condoms which are still being marketed like the LifeStyles Ultra Thin, LifeStyles THYN and LifeStyles THYN with UltraGlide. I suppose the Z in THINZ is meant to separate this condom from their other thin varieties.

And, the mystification doesn’t end there. LifeStyles has been doing a lot of name and wrapper changes of late. Click these links to learn more about big changes to their popular Snugger Fit and Non-Lubricated condoms.

The Condom Size Saga Continues

Deja vu anyone? I recently reviewed the non-latex SKYN Intense Feel, another new LifeStyles brand condom, with the same condom size issue. Once again, they’ve printed the incorrect nominal width on the back of the wrapper: 53mm. Sigh.

The real condom size of LifeStyles THINZ Extreme condoms are: 8.12″ (206.24mm) long with a 1.9″(49.21mm) nominal width. Like every other condom on our Condom Size Chart, this measurement was taken by yours truly, with the unstretched condom laying flat and, as usual, I employed multiple condoms and measuring tapes to ensure accuracy.

This makes them the exact same size as one of my much more beloved, but much lesser known and 5-star reviewed condom, the Caution Wear Black Ice— both of which are ideally sized for longer, thinner hard-ons.


Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

Meh. Between the labeling confusion, their lack of lube and stretchiness and their unsexy smell, LifeStyles THINZ Extreme condoms left something to be desired. But, the allure of their translucent and extra sensitive, skin-like latex material may draw me back in a few more times.

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