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Condom Depot wants your Valentine’s Day to be the best it’s ever been. Our staff of safer sexperts have specially created these holiday-specific articles full of history, tips, tricks and more, all designed to make your Valentine vixen swoon. And, to decrease your time spent scrolling, we’ve gone ahead and collected them into this one-stop Valentine’s Day article hub for you. Hubba hubba!


Valentine’s Day Articles:

Condom Sampler Review: Valentine’s Box of Love 

If you ♥ feeling their warm legs wrapped around you and your latex-wrapped willie, but you hate wrapping gifts as much as I do (don’t even get me started on the wastefulness and futility of tissue paper)– this sounds like a job for the Valentine’s Box of Love! No wrapping required! [Read More]

The Sort-of Sexy History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is either the bane or boon of many romantic relationships. But why do we celebrate it and where did it come from? We at the Condom Depot Learning Center decided to take a look into our patron saint and find the sort-of sexy origins! [Read More]

Avoid These Unsexy Cliches This Valentine’s Day

Super stressed about Valentine’s Day this year? Want to give your boo the perfect thank-you for loving you? Don’t freak out! [Read More]

Smaller Penis Sex Techniques For Valentine’s Day

Society deems penis size as, “the bigger, the better” but a lot of times this simply is not the case. After all, female genitalia comes in all different shapes and sizes too. There are many sexual positions which can lead even mismatched (size-wise) partners to achieve orgasm. So, if you or your partner is less than average sized, don’t be glum this Valentine’s Day. Instead, simply read on to learn about the best positions for men with smaller penises and pleasure will abound. [Read More]

Dominate Valentine’s Day With These Sexy Play Date Ideas

Keeping the romance and sexual energy level up during the course of the year can be a challenge for a lot of couples out there, so this holiday is really your chance to wow your partner in the bedroom with some unexpected treats. Here are some suggestions for ways to delight your partner this Valentine’s Day with a bit of dominance! [Read More]

So You Didn’t Have the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Every year around this time, many people report feeling like they’re in a sort of slump. [Read More]

Romantic Ways To Ask Your Partner To Use a Condom

We’ve previously written on how to ask your partner to wear a condom and sure, that article might have come across as a little, well, assertive. But February is National Condom Month and we all know how important it is to stay safe. [Read More]

Condoms: The Valentine’s Gift That Keeps On Giving

Although buying condoms for your lover as a Valentine’s gift may not be the first idea you come up with this year, condoms and condom accessories can certainly be the most pleasure inducing gift you can get for you and your partner. [Read More]

Conquer Vaginal Dryness this Valentine’s Day

On special holidays people tend to drink more alcohol than usual. This can lead to frivolity, hearty laughter, uninhibited dance moves and extraordinary holiday sex. But did you know alcohol can cause vaginal dryness? [Read More]

Cosmo’s Six Silliest Sex Tips And How To Take Them To Eleven

I love reading Cosmo. They have some pretty decent articles, but a lot of the time, their sex tips from men are way out there. Where did you find these dudes, Cosmo? Are they even real? We’ve revised some of our favorite ones to make them a little less zany and a little more hot. [Read More]

Online Dating: 5 Ways To Date Safely on Valentine’s Day

No matter which online dating service you use, you can be sure your favorite dating .com will be positively bumping around valentine’s day. [Read More]

The Sexy Side of Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts

Ever wondered where your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions come from? Or maybe you are tired of them and want to do something brand spankin’ new for your significant other this holiday? Here at Condom Depot, we understand. So, we looked into the three most commonly given gifts to find their sexy histories. [Read More]

Men: Send Her Good Vibes this Valentines Day

I hear from a lot of men who feel insecure when faced with their partner’s decision to purchase and use an adult toy, especially in regards to traditional vibrators. For some reason, the male ego tends to think that their manhood can be replaced with something made in a factory. This simply is not the case. [Read More]

How To Buy an Adult Toy For Your Special Someone

This Valentine’s Day, you probably want to do something special for your significant other. If you’ve never bought them an adult toy, it’s definitely the way to go. But how do you know what to get them?While sex toys can be very personal items, some people still feel very uncomfortable buying them for themselves. [Read More]

It’s All About The Ladies On Galentine’s Day

This year, spend Valentine’s swapping stories with the girls and prepare for the topics to quickly escalate! Consequently, I wouldn’t suggest inviting your mom along, like Leslie Knope did during Galentine’s Day on the hit sitcom Parks and Recreation. [Read More]

Condom Depot’s Five Most Romantic Condoms

Now, when you think about condoms, the first few words that come to your mind probably won’t be, “romance.” But last week, during Sex Talk Tuesday, we asked our contributors what could be done to make condoms sexier– thereby encouraging their use as a normal part of sexual activity. [Read More]

5 Ways For Men To Last Longer This Valentine’s Day

The internet is positively brimming over with classes and courses on overcoming premature ejaculation, but the fact of the matter is, there are ways for men to last longer in bed that don’t require a full length course, a DVD or candid advice from an adult film star. [Read More]

Why Romance is Important for Sex

Although I’m not personally known for being overly romantic or for making grand romantic gestures in order to win the affections of another, I definitely recognize that romance plays an essential role in human sexuality and pair bonding. Read on to discover the many reasons why romance is so important for sex. [Read More]

Interesting Dating Practices From Around The World

Having trouble coming up with unique date ideas for Valentine’s Day? Never fear! Take a look at some of these bizarre dating rituals from history and around the world to spice it up with your partner. [Read More]

Date Ideas For When You’re In a Long-Distance Relationship

If you can’t be with your significant other this Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the romance alive over the holiday weekend. Here are some quick date ideas for when you’re in a long-distance relationship: [Read More]

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