Condom Sampler Review: Japanese Condom Tin

Japan. It’s the home of the Condom Cookbook, the lovable Com-Chan plush condom, the Sex Lube Grand Athlete Meet and the world’s thinnest condom. So, should it really come as any surprise that Condom Depot’s exclusive Japanese Condom Tin is chock-full of amazing merchandise?


No. No it shouldn’t.

Peruse these top-notch contents in the Japanese Condom Tin by simply clicking on the links below to read staff reviews of each of these products. Quantities of each product in the tin are indicated below:

3 – Beyond Seven
3 – Beyond Seven Studded
3 – Beyond Seven with Aloe
3 – Kimono MicroThin w/ Aqua Lube
3 – Kimono MicroThin
3 – Kimono MicroThin Large
3 – Kimono Textured Type E
3 – Kimono Thin
3 – Kimono Maxx
6 – Crown Skinless Skins
2 – Vibrating Johnny Rings
4 – Individually Sized Personal Lubricant Foils

Want the size specs on these? Check out our Condom Size Chart and Erection Ring Size Chart for the stats.

As a rule, I really dig condom samplers. They’re such an easy way to figure out which condoms are right for you and your monogamous partner. Or, if you’re a swinging single, into cuckolding or are in a polyamorous relationship, they offer a one-stop-shop of condom-y goodness, complete with various sizes and shapes to fit your many love muffins.

And, this one is certainly no exception. With 33 super-thin, latex condoms, two vibrating erection rings and four Pjur BodyGlide Original lube samples, the Condom Depot Japanese Condom Tin has it all. Want studs? Got it. Looking for a Japanese condom for uncircumcised men? Got it. Curious about aloe-based lube on condoms? Got it.


My very own Japanese Condom Tin, as it looked unpacked.

It’s almost unfair for me to review this condom tin, because it contains all of my favorite extra sensitive condom brands (with the exception of Caution Wear condoms). Even before I started reviewing condoms for the Condom Depot Learning Center, I had leaned towards these brands, unaware of the fact that they are all Japanese condoms– many of which are made by Okamoto brand. Who knew?

Learn more about Kimono brand condoms here.

What makes them so great in my book? It’s the combo of thinness, snugger yet stretchier fit and silicone lubricant. I find an increased amount of heat transfer, heightened ability to feel the contours of your partner and the skin-like softness of the sheerlon material to make protected sex more like the raw deal. Plus, unlike some other condom brands, I’ve never, ever had a breakage issue with a Japanese condom, which confirms that thinner condoms are not more likely to break.

The sheer comfort, pleasure and durability of these condoms make them a no-brainer for me when it comes to choosing a condom. And hey, the cost ain’t anything to scoff at either, at the current list price of $24.99. Plus, mine came with a 12% off my next purchase coupon card. Sweet!


Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

Condom Depot‘s own Japanese Condom Tin offers a slew of sensitive, snugger-fit, latex condoms along with some other special goodies that are sure to bring a smile to even the most patriotic of citizens’ genitals. Just call me Fujiyama Mama!

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 StarsThese condoms are great not only do both partners benefit from these, but the price was right! Fast shipping very happy would recommend for dual pleasure! Brian – Auburn,Ny

4 StarsGreat sampler! Eric – Boone, NC

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