Lube Review: Pjur MyGlide and Pjur MySpray

Pjur likes to pair lubes and stimulation sprays together, which is pretty cool of them. Pjur’s MyGlide and Pjur MySpray sounded good together, but the results weren’t exactly what I was hoping for.


Pjur MySpray Stimulation Spray

MySpray comes in a tiny spray bottle, per the name. It’s only about 20 ml/0.68 fl. oz. but just a single spray should do the job, so it’s going to last you a long time.

For the sake of science, I decided to use it on myself– on my arm first. Because we all remember how it went when I started on my more sensitive regions with the WET wOw.

It seemed like science had won out in the end because I didn’t have a reaction. Not right away at first. It felt like nothing, in fact, which was good for the sake of my skin but bad for the sake of this review.

And then it started to activate. For me, it was in the form of itching because that’s what happens when my skin has a reaction to things. For you, it may be different. I now have a two and a half inch, spray-shaped welt on my wrist, which has toned down from itching to intense sensitivity whenever I brush it against something.

That’s the methyl nicotinate– an ester used in lip plumpers and other cosmetics to draw blood to the surface. The FDA has approved methyl nicotinate for use in cosmetics and personal products, although it is listed as a counter-irritant (meaning that it causes irritation intentionally). So if you use this condom-safe spray and notice that your junk is a little red– it’s just a false flag! It was intended.


So the redness was not such a big deal, but the itching was. Because of this, I decided to forgo using it on my clitoris. The last thing I wanted was to put sexy times on a hold while pausing to itch such a sensitive region. Sorry, readers!

Now, remember, I have sensitive skin. I can get dermatitis from brushing against a person wearing a wool sweater on the subway. This lube/spray combo was not meant for someone like me, and it’s really a pity that I had to be the one to review it because someone else might find it to be amazing.

If you do go on to use it, make sure to use it with some kind of lubrication— it’s not a lube on its own! It’s just an enhancement spray.

Pjur MyGlide Stimulation & Warming Lubricant

Unfortunately, I had more beef with the MyGlide. My issues were your typical water-based lube problems: it dried a little too quickly, it had glycerin, and it got a little tacky when it dried.

The 100 ml/3.4 fl. oz. MyGlide comes in the sort of bottle that we like to call the bingo-dobber, which makes application super simple, especially if your other hand is occupied. And weirdly enough, it has an excellent taste– a super sweet, almost citrus flavor. If I wasn’t so paranoid about the ingredients in this lube, it’d make the perfect addition to oral sex. It even has a slight warming aspect, which, kind of added to the tinglies of the spray.

The ingredients left us wanting. It has glycerin in it, which meant we kept it away from my personal bits. Again, sensitive skin, reactions. Glycerin makes me super prone to yeast infections and on a list of things yours truly could really do without right now, a yeast infection is up towards the top, right beneath, “More student loans,”and before, “A bite from a rabid weasel.”

It also has a whole slew of parabens in it. If you’re super conscious about what goes into your body, this is a lube to avoid. Sorry Pjur. The Pjur MyGlide might have stimulating ginseng in it, but that doesn’t make it the best for every body. At least it’s toy and condom-safe.


We decided to combine these two products and use them only on my partner with some barrier protection in between. He’s a fan of the WET wOw, so we weren’t too concerned about it bothering his skin. First, we sprayed his junk with MySpray. Just a couple sprays were enough to cover his royal girthiness.

Then, we put the MyGlide on top for a little extra glide in between himself and his condom. With the addition of a LifeStyles SKYN Large, he found a comfortable fit. Sometimes, the SKYNs can feel a bit too thick for him, but the tingling sensation that the spray kept him happy.

One last thing– because it’s water-based, don’t use either of these products for anal stuff. Go with Pjur’s other two glide/spray packs instead– their Backdoor Anal Spray and Glide was particularly well-recieved by our reviewer, but I was also a pretty big fan of their Analyse Me! Spray and Glide.





Overall Rating: 2 Stars

Final Verdict:

It feels unfair to give Pjur’s MyGlide and MySpray a single star review because of my crappy skin. But while my partner actually sort of liked the spray, the lube left us both wanting a little bit more. If you don’t have sensitive skin, the spray may especially help you enhance your sex life–unfortunately, we don’t have any customer reviews, so we don’t even know. If you do have sensitive skin, please avoid it and use some of Swiss Navy’s more gentle enhancement gels instead, like their 2-in-1 His and Hers.

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