From A-Z: Favorite Sexual Slang

Here at the Condom Depot Learning Center, we participate in a whole lot of sex talk. As a lifelong lover of sexual vernacular, I say, “Bring it on!” You, our CDLC readers and Condom Depot customers, have inspired me to create an A-Z of my absolute favorite sex terms, all of which I’ve been lucky enough to use openly while at work.

It’s easier than ever before to enhance your sex positive vocabulary with this funny and informative sexual slang list. Sample sentences and links to relevant articles are included underneath each definition in case you want to learn more about your new favorite dirty word!




the circular, sensitive, pigmented area of skin surrounding the nipple.

When she took her bra off, I couldn’t resist staring at her perfect light brown areolas.

Boobgasms– The Breast Induced Orgasm
Tremendously Titillating Toys for Tits
5 Amazing Things You Never Knew about Boobs



originated as a style of porn from Japan, multiple masturbating men ejaculate on a kneeling receiver.

When my milk frother malfunctioned and shot hot foamy milk all over my face, I felt like I was getting a bukkake.

Semen: The Other, Other White Meat
Fellatio: Tips, Tricks and Techniques
10 Best Products for Fun and Fearless Fellatio


clitorasaurus rex:

an above-average sized clitoris which protrudes outwards.

I went down on her and her clitorasaurus rex nearly poked my eye out when she started bucking her hips around.

Spicy Gear’s Best Clitoral and Penis Pumps
Coital Alignment Technique
Cunnilingus Tips, Trick and Techniques


double-sided dong:

an insertable sex toy meant for use by two people simultaneously, or can be bent in half for double penetration on one person.

I can’t wait to try out my new double-sided dong with my lesbian lover tonight.

How-To: The Dance of the Double Dong


erectile tissues:

the spongy tissues in the nipples, shaft and clitoris which swell with blood when aroused.

I’m worried that smoking too much is going to start effecting the circulation to my erectile tissues.

Staying Hard While Wearing a Condom
What is Condom Pumping?
Does Jelqing Jeopardize Erections?



a handmade male masturbator typically made from a cardboard tube, a glove, a sponge or some soft cloth.

This one dude in jail made the best fifis I’ve ever seen.

Making the Most of Your Male Masturbator
Make Your Own Adult Toy
Diving into the Realm of DIY Lube



similar to an orgy, except only one person is the receiver of everyone else’s desire.

I’m so sore and drunk on dick, I feel like I was just in a gangbang.

How to Have (Safe) Sex Like a Porn Star
Sex Laws: Are Orgies Illegal?
Cuckolding and Condoms



a tentacle-rich form of Japanese anime intended to sexually arouse the viewer.

Imagine my grandmother’s surprise when she walked in and found me jacking it to hentai on the big screen in the living room.

Condom Sampler Review: Japanese Condom Tin
Sex, Porn and Masturbation Addiction


I’d hit that.

A saying used to describe a person you think is attractive enough to bang.

Wow, she’s a bombshell. I’d totally hit that.

Staying Safer on Dating Apps
Online Dating: 5 Ways to Date Safely
Ten Steps to Smarter and Safer Sexting



male ejaculate.

Whatever you do, just don’t jizz in my eye.

Allergic to Sperm?
Is this Male or Female Ejaculate?
What is Sex Magic?



a fetish or sexual preference which needs to be disclosed to partners in order for sexual satisfaction to be achieved.

After a few dates with him I finally felt comfortable telling him my kink.

Dominate with These Sexy Play Date Ideas
Rope and Restraint Play: An Introduction
How-To: Safe Temperature Play



the engorgement of the clitoris when turned on.

Every single time I see Cillian Murphy, I can’t help but get a ladyboner.

20 Quotes about Sex That’ll Give You Dirty Thoughts


multiple orgasms:

when there is little to no refractory period in between orgasms during one single sex session.

I got my boyfriend a vibrating ring and it felt so amazing that I had multiple orgasms.

Increasing Fireworks in the Bedroom: Multiple Orgasms


ninja sex:

the act of being as stealthy as quiet about sex as possible to avoid getting caught.

My mom was sleeping in the next room so we had to do some serious ninja sex in order to stay under the radar.

Dealing with Roommates and Sex in College
Getting Busy When the Kids are Home



a penis which has a larger circumference measurement than length measurement.

His oobladong was so wide I felt like he was splitting me in two.

Length vs. Girth: The Great Debate


posh wank:

male masturbation technique which involves masturbating with a condom on, either for practice or less mess.

I ain’t got time for cleanup today, so I’m just gonna posh wank it.

How-To: Posh Wank
How-To: Use Condoms on Sex Toys



an odorless, yet noisy expulsion of trapped air which comes out of the vaginal canal.

While doing the downward dog in yoga today, I let out a massive queef and everyone heard it.

Quick Quips about Queefing


restless dick syndrome:

akin to restless leg syndrome, except with an erection, not a limb.

When I spoon my lover in our sleep, my restless dick syndrome kicks in and starts poking him in his back.

10 Telltale Signs of Sexual Frustration


size queen:

a person who only finds above-average sized penises and sex toys to be enough.

He is really nice, but he’s just not big enough to satisfy a size queen like me.

Product Review: Don Wands Glass Wand Jade/White Helix
The 5 Best Dildos for Size Queens
5 Best Condoms for Large Penises


triple area vibrator:

a motorized sex toy designed to penetrate the vaginal canal while providing stimulation to the clitoris and perineum all at once.

I’m so freaking tired of juggling with all these sex toys that I just bought a triple area vibrator.

Buyer’s Guide: Triple Area Vibrators
XX Orgasms: Internal vs. External



an informal word referring to a penis which has intact foreskin and is not circumcised.

Since I usually date Jewish guys, I was really surprised when he whipped it out and he was uncut.

Condoms and Uncircumcised Penises
Phimosis and Condoms
Smegma: What Is It?


vodka vagina:

the aftermath of too much heavy drinking when no matter how turned they are they can’t produce natural vaginal moisture.

I swear I’m turned on, I just can’t get wet because of vodka vagina.

Conquer Vaginal Dryness
Lube Review: K-Y Liquibeads Vaginal Moisturizer
Heavy Drinking Among College Leading to Better Condom Use


whiskey dick:

a symptom of excessive drinking resulting in an inability to become erect or the inability to reach orgasm.

I’m so drunk and horny; damn this whiskey dick!

Alcohol and Erections



the irresistible sexual attraction to the exotic qualities of another person.

Between the spicy curry and his exotic accent I was definitely feeling the effects of xenophiliobia.

Interesting Dating Practices from Around the World
Culture and Condoms in Modern Day India
Travel Condoms– Preparing for International Visits


“You are not the father!” -Maury Povich

The test results are in and Mike, you are NOT the father of Tiffany’s baby.

10 Reasons to Wait to Have Kids
Is It Time for a Pregnancy Test?
Contraception Methods: A Complete Guide



having wild, rough, uninhibited sex and giving into animalistic abandon.

It’d been so long since we’d done it, I went at him zoo-style and wound up throwing out my back.

Top Ten Safer Sex Scenes in Cinema
Five Most Common Misconceptions about Bisexuality

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