Condom Review: Beyond Seven Aloe

There is no decibel level for the screech I gave when I opened the Beyond Seven Aloe and realized that it was bright green. Simple things for simple minds, right? But day in and out of witnessing the same, neutral, medical, beige latex, a girl kinda gets a little weary, you know?


This is my first foray into the world of Beyond Seven condoms. But not my first Okamoto. That’s right! Beyond Seven is made by Okamoto— purveyors of the 0.04 condom as well as our world-famous Crown Skinless Skin. So you know when you reach into your Beyond Seven Sampler, you’re pulling out some world-class latex.

Aloe makes for a nicer lube than most other water-based lubes. It’s soothing and cool, but it doesn’t numb like benzocaine or lidocaine. Blossom Organics is an aloe, water-based lube that is quickly becoming popular, but several companies add aloe to their lubes to get that nice, cool, soothing feeling. In particular, it’s very popular for anal sex as an alternative to lidocaine and benzocainePjur’s Analyse Me! Spray has it. This comparison even lead to us putting it on our list of the Five Best Condoms for Anal Sex.

Aloe water-based lubes have all the things you love about water-based lubes: they’re condom-safe, they’re toy-safe, and they are pretty vagina-friendly. Sadly, they also have the biggest downside of water-based lubes: they dry up way too quickly. If you want to stick to the aloe trend, add some Trustex Aloe to keep the pleasure train a’rollin’. Otherwise, any water or silicone-based lubricant will do.

Beyond-Seven-Aloe-condom-500x500This condom is super thin, as it’s made of Beyond Seven’s famous Sheerlon latex. I don’t really know how they make it, but I am a fan– and I wish other latex condoms came this thin and comfortable. It doesn’t transfer warmth in the same way that the Trojan NaturaLambs do, but for latex? It’s pretty close.

For oral, it’s not the best condom out there. There was a little bit of that latex stink–you know what I mean. With the slightly minty, aloe taste of the lube, it wasn’t the worst condom I’ve ever put in my mouth. But I wouldn’t choose it out of the line up. Add some of Swiss Navy’s Candy Cane-flavored lube to really bring out the minty flavor, and distract from the stink.

I felt like the Beyond Seven Aloe was going to be super small, but at 7.87″ (199.89 mm) x 2″ (50.8 mm), it’s actually pretty average. The thinness of the Sheerlon material just makes it seem smaller.

Because the Beyond Sevens (and the Crown Skinless Skin) are so thin, they take on kind of a cling-wrap feeling. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they aren’t strong. Thinner condoms are approved by the FDA for safety the same that Extra-Strength condoms are. So long as you’re wearing the right size and you’re using plenty of lubrication, the Beyond Seven Aloe will be strong enough to see you through to the finish line.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

The minty-green tint of the Beyond Seven Aloe is nothing compared to the soothing feeling of the aloe lube, the super thin, Sheerlon latex, and the warmth transfer. I just wish that it worked half as well for oral as it does for anal!]

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

stars-3 Good lubrication, but kind of tight which makes them not very comfortable. Jon – Florida

stars-5These are the best condoms I’ve used. Very thin and the feeling is great! I’ve used Trojan, Crown, Durex and everything else in the samplers, hard to find such a sleeker rubber. Eric H. – Ohio

stars-5I am a HUGE fan of Crown & Beyond Seven Studded condoms, so i was more than happy to give these a try. All the “bareback” feeling Okamoto condoms are famous, plus extra lubrication (from natural aloe, no less!). And, as for durability & reliability, not once have we had an Okamoto condom slip off or break! Shimmy – New York, NY

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