Condom Review: FC2

The biggest condom contender of my life came up when I was told that I needed to review the FC2, also known as the female condom. Throughout my many safer sex adventures, sad to say it’s true– I’ve never tried one before. And I was a little bit nervous.

fc2headerMy downstairs topography is no mystery to me. Not only am I very well-educated on the topic (it is how I pay my bills), but I’ve also never had any shame about feeling around down there. And yet the idea of the FC2 was daunting– what if it broke? What if it was uncomfortable?

So I downed some liquid courage and informed my partner about the plan. He was a little nervous himself.

“Does it feel weird?”

“No weirder than a tampon, I guess,” I said. “Let’s do this!”

For the record, you don’t have to be female, or even have a vulva, to use these condoms. They work for the anus too– but we’ll get to that down below. A better name is, “the internal condom.” We even recommended them for trans men and women who are mid-transition.

In fact, if for any reason you or your partner have trouble fitting into traditional condoms– whether the parts are too big, too small, too skinny, too girthy or any other reason, the FC2 solution is what our customer service reps are going to recommend. Size really doesn’t matter when it comes to the only FDA-approved internal condom.

Think of it like tinfoil: you can either tinfoil the item you’re putting in the oven and then place that in the pan (like a male condom), or you can line the pan in tinfoil and put the food inside. If you’re curious for an in-depth discussion on how this works, go ahead and read our female condom guide, “How To Use a Female Condom.”


They say that you can wear the condom for up to eight hours, which is perfect if you’re going out on the town and don’t want to take the time to insert it. And it doesn’t feel weird when it’s in, nor does it feel like you’re at risk of it falling out. It stays up there pretty well. I did a couple jogs around the apartment to make sure.

It wasn’t until we were horizontal that we started to have problems. Despite being certain that I had secured it (so much so that jumpingjacks didn’t even make it shift), this sucker kept popping out during some super slippery foreplay. Which was fine, because my partner got to enjoy the hilarity of watching me try to put it back in multiple times. Not as sexy as you’d think. The allure of inserting it before foreplay so there’s no pause in the action may be strong, but once you get the hang of putting it in, you may just want to wait until you’re ready to avoid such a situation.

The silicone lube, which was plentiful on this nitrile device when I first started, was gradually wearing away with each successive insertion, so I added some of Pjur’s Light Bodyglide— another favorite silicone lube. It worked wonders.


So, let’s get right into it: my partner loved the FC2.


I have been off of birth control for a while due to some health concerns, so condoms have been our only source of keeping the ol’ babymaker locked up. Which is kind of a downer for him– he’s not a really big fan of them. He loves the Trojan NaturaLamb of course, and he was cool with the SKYN Large. Neither one of us have a latex allergy, but we always tend to tread the waters of non-latex condoms for some reason.

It was pretty exciting to see him down there without one on. With him not wearing a condom, we didn’t have to worry about it cutting off the circulation of his girth, or the condom sliding down or off. So long as he was certain that he was putting himself in the rubber ring on the outside of the FC2, we knew he was right on target. And when we finished up, everything was where it needed to be– no leaks, no breaks.

I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews about female condoms being loud, uncomfortable, and feeling like you’re having sex with a plastic bag. But neither one of us felt that way. In fact, we found the nitrile to be softer than latex, and almost unnoticeable. With a little more lube on the inside for him, and the condom having already been inside of me, getting warm, for quite a while, it felt very natural. For him, he felt like there was no condom at all. For me, it was comfortable, and it felt closer than a latex condom.

“Can we just buy like a hundred of these?” he asked afterwards. “Can we just get them and the NaturaLambs and that’s it? That’s all I want. Let’s buy a thousand.”

Lucky for us, both condoms come as a part of our Non-Latex Sampler. Unluckily, they’re the two most expensive condoms on the market. But for the cost, they’re well worth it. What can I say? My baby’s got expensive tastes.

There were two realms we left unexplored– rumor says that the FC2 is great for anal sex. Of course, it’s not FDA-approved for that use (no condom is–find out why), but it made our list of the “Five Best Condoms for Anal Sex” based on customer feedback anyway. If you do use it for this purpose, there’s two things you should be aware of: first, remove the inner ring. It just pops right out (seriously) so it will fit in that cavity better. Second, you will need to keep part of the condom outside of your body– the anus leads into the intestines which means that things shoved up there can get lost if you aren’t too careful.

Since we only had the one FC2 for the review, and we practice condom safety by only using our condoms in one orifice, anal was not on the agenda. If you’re tried it, let us know what you think on our Tumblr page!

The second realm was oral sex. I’ve heard that the FC2 is a good option for oral sex on the vagina if you spread the opened O-ring out over the clitoris, like a dental dam. Neither the nitrile nor the silicone-based lube have a scent or taste, so I could see this being very likely; however my partner and I did not give it a shot.


Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

Now that I’ve finally gotten the chance to try it out, I’m crazy excited to say that I am pro-FC2. While it may be uncomfortable to insert and keep in at first, once you get used to it, you won’t even notice it– and your partner will love that bare-back feeling. It’s vagina-friendly and hypoallergenic, but you may want to wait on the toys– the lube is made of silicone.

What are Condom Depot customers saying?

stars-5Loved it! My boyfriend has HSV1 so we have been using male condoms which are generally disappointing. Then we tried the female condom. It was the best sex we’ve ever had, AND it provides more protection for me since is covers more area. For us, female condoms feels better because the friction is between his penis and the condom instead of a male condom and me. Anyway, there was no noise, it allows for spontaneity, felt great for both of us, and is safer. Try it! S – San Francisco, CA

stars-2Interesting concept, but actual use leaves a lot to be desired. Condom had a tendency to either go completely in, or get yanked out by friction. Also had a lousy sensation because it’s so loose. sota – Minneapolis, MN

stars-4For guys who’s unit needs some breathing room and can’t stand being pinched, this is a Godsend. It’s a little uncomfortable if it’s not placed in right, but we have got the hang of it. And once it got lost inside her, so make sure your aim is good. ST – Louisiana

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