Condom Depot Sampler Review: Big Guns Sampler

My partner and I have a BIG problem with samplers: there’s always a couple of condoms that just don’t fit his immense girth. So, I gave a shout of delight when I heard I had the opportunity to review the Big Guns Sampler.


Guess what? Condom Depot is an FDA-certified condom repackaging facility. When the manufacturers don’t make a variety pack with all of the condoms that you want, we’re here to help you out. And one of our best selling samplers is the Big Gun Sampler, which comes with some of our best-selling larger-sized condoms from three of our top brands– Trojan, LifeStyles and Trustex.

The Big Guns Sampler comes in a heat-sealed package with seven different condoms to sample. All of the condoms in the Big Guns Sampler have been previously reviewed by the Condom Depot Learning Center— and many of them by yours truly:

My partner and I had a great time testing these rubbers out. It was like Christmas come early–and often. Due to the fact that we’re super safety-conscious, knowing his proper size and making sure to use plenty of lubricant, we didn’t have a single breakage and all were a pretty good fit for him.

One common theme we noticed among all of these? Not much of a latex smell or taste. I’m not a fan– my reaction ranges from a mild ew to a full-blown turn-off. But all of these had either no scent, or a very, very light one, which is good for me, and good for fans of oral.

The Magnums all come with a water-based lube (and obviously, the Magnum Warming comes with a warming lubricant). But the LifeStyles and the Trustex condoms are all lubricated with silicone. Those three, I’d recommend for anal sex any day of the week– but you may want to stick to the Magnums for your toys, just in case.

The only product we didn’t end up using was the Trojan Magnum Warming– I have had reactions to Trojan Fire and Ice before and didn’t want to risk it again. Sorry!

And don’t be intimidated by the fact that this sampler comes with both the Trojan Magnum and the Magnum XL. As I discussed in my review of the Magnum XL, it’s only the slightest bit longer than the regular Magnum. The width is about the same.

But the best condom of the bunch was the Trustex Extra Large. While the fourteen pack that I got only came with two of those, I wish it’d come with a hundred more. It’s one of the top contenders for my favorite condom, right next to the FC2 and the Trojan NaturaLamb–both of which are great non-latex options for those with larger girth.

And speaking of other larger condoms, I do wish the Big Guns Sampler highlighted a couple other crowd pleasers, like the Caution Wear Grande or the SKYN Large, or other additions from our article, Five Best Condoms for Large Penises.

The Big Guns Sampler comes in a 14-pack with two of each condom, or a 42-pack with six of each.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

While the Big Guns Sampler is a little heavy on the Magnums (and sadly no Magnum Thin, which is my personal favorite Magnum), it’s a great kit for those who normally have trouble finding a good mixed pack due to girth issues.

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

stars-5Amazing. For years I had condoms rip and break due to my size. This fit perfect even with my girth and extra inches. Jay Saunders – Red Deer

stars-5These made things a whole lot better for me, I don’t feel strangled anymore. TJ – OHIO

stars-5These are the best condoms if you are a larger male and trust your partner will love these. Jose – San Fransico

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