Condom Review: Kimono Textured Type-E

Like the extra fun, fraternal twin of the blasé Kimono MicroThin, the jubilant and festively green-tinted Kimono Textured Type-E clearly parties way harder than other textured condoms. How cum? Join me in the afterparty for some product-based pillow talk to find out! 

KimTexFeaturedWhile it may seem like a novelty condom, such as the glow-in-the-dark Night Light condom, this chock-full-of-features condom from Kimono is actually an extremely high-quality condom which impressed me more and more as I got became more intimately acquainted with it.

The Kimono Textured Type-E is an astoundingly thin, sensitive, stretchy, durable, body-safe, pleasure-shaped, silicone-lubricated, vegan-friendly, latex condom with a melange of ribbed and studded textures for your thrust-receiving partners’ pleasure.

Plus there’s nothing sticky, stinky, or foul-tasting to funk up your sensory experience during sex and no parabens or glycerines to cause funky any after-boinging vaginal side effects such as candida overgrowth.

And, talk about sensitivity! Superior heat transfer between partners, nearly transparent material and the contoured head shape all combine to form this deluxe and anatomically correct, silky barrier of beauty.


From left to right, these Japanese condoms have a smooth base, a studded shaft, ribs encircling the ridge area, followed by more studs along the head, and a smooth reservoir tip.

I’d only gone on a ride along with the Type-E once before, when compiling our “Best Textured Condoms for Every Budget & Every Body” article in which the Kimono Textured secured the winning slot in the best textured and contoured condom category.

Other than that, my only other hands-on experience with the Kimono Textured Type-E was way back in my initial Condom Size Chart measuring days. My findings at that time were a length of 8.5” with a circumference of 4” (215.9mm x 101.6mm), and just for good measure, I busted out my trusty measuring tape once again.

Why? In lieu of the following multi-Textured Type-E news from Kimono, I wanted scientific data that this condom is the same one I’ve known and now love– and yes, the measurements are exactly the same as they once were.

The big news is, in this case, don’t judge a condom by its wrapper, as the Kimono Textured Type-E is in the process of going through a significant name change to Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots. OK Kimono, this is a bit much! It doesn’t seem too terribly long ago when these were called Sagami Type E condoms. Enough with the confusing changes, guys!

KimonoTexturedFeaturedInventory will be switching over as the now retired (but still not nearly expired) Textured Kimonos leave our warehouses, so don’t be alarmed if you receive either name, as it’s the same condom, I assure you. If you have doubts, please check the official Kimono site for name change information and verification.

Want to make your friends green with envy over this St. Patty’s Day appropriate, amorous attire without laying down fat stacks of green? You’re in luck as these ultrathin treasures won’t thin out your weekend funds as they are only around fifty cents a piece when ordered in bulk.

And, speaking of thinness, according to the latex thickness chart on the aforementioned Kimono site, Textured Type-E’s have a thickness of 0.062mm which is thinner than Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed condoms which are 0.076mm thick, yet substantially thicker than the original, non-textured MicroThin’s 0.045mm material (which is beat only by Okamoto’s 0.04).

BuyNowTemplateKIMTEXOverall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

The Kimono Textured Type-E condom is a veritable force in the world of MicroThin condoms— with a contoured shape, both ribs and studs, scent-less latex, stellar sensitivity and a long-lasting, hypoallergenic lubricant.

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars
“Best condom I have ever used. If you have the embarrassing problem with them falling off then these are definitely the ones for you.” Matt – Greenfield, WI

5 Stars
“Oh yeah! I found my condom of choice! These feel good, are thin, tough, and my lady loves the feel.” Rocky – Lutz, FL

5 Stars
“One of the best condoms on the market! Thin, tough and textured for her pleasure! They are slightly smaller than most condoms so they are snug.” Jason – Portland OR

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